July 7, 2023

Special Offer For VIP Roaders: Milk Road Pro at 50% Off 🥛

As a member of the Milk Road Family, you’re getting an exclusive offer to join Milk Road Pro: The Milk Man’s new subscription offering, where you can get more of the sweet sweet dairy goodness you love.

Our free daily newsletter will never change and will remain the best way to stay up to date on crypto in a few minutes a day. Pro is an additional product offering for our subscribers who:

  • Are seeking actionable insights and want to receive more in-depth content from us (examples below)

  • Want to learn more and level up their crypto trading

  • Are looking to find the next hot protocol, mint or upcoming airdrop

But that’s just the start: Subscribers will also receive:

  • Market insights and deep dives from Milk Road’s research team 🕵️

  • Weekly recaps on everything happening in the space ⏪

  • Airdrop guides and walkthroughs on all things crypto 🪂

  • Quarterly funding breakdowns, monthly NFT reports and much more💰

And if you sign up now, you’ll get the first 3 months at 50% off! That’s only $10 a month. This offer will be limited to only our most die-hard Roaders who subscribe now or during our launch week. Talk about an udderly delicious opportunity.

The first Milk Road Pro Market Analysis will drop Monday July 10!

What Pro Subscribers Can Expect Next Week:

Three weekly sends:

  1. Market Musings – Weekly Market Recap

Every Friday, Pro subscribers will receive a breakdown of the important news and price movements to watch from the previous week. We will go into depth on a few key stories or trends of the week, track the prices and our thoughts on the major tokens, and discuss upcoming events and things to look out for.

While readers can expect a wide array of content on Monday and Wednesdays, we will wrap up each week with Friday’s Market Musings. Here is a short excerpt from one of the segments:

  1. Investor Insights: The Roader’s H2 Outlook

Investor Insights is a series where we dive into data and unique findings for our readers. Whether it’s through on-chain or survey data, we are hoping to bring readers interesting perspectives, while teaching them how to understand new concepts.

The first Investor Insights report dives into a survey we collected from our readers. We know our Roaders are some of the smartest minds in crypto, so we wanted to see how everyone is feeling about crypto’s outlook for the second half of the year. Here’s a sample from the survey:

  1. Funding Focus: Q2 VC Funding Breakdown

Crypto companies scooped up $1.6B in funding this quarter. In this report, we highlight the biggest trends and takeaways from compiling the data of 125+ VC raises.

Here’s a sample from the report:

Who’s Behind Milk Road Pro?

Milk Road Pro is put together by our in-house research team, separate from our daily newsletter. The team is led by:

Andrew Cahill – Head of Research
Andrew fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2017 and has not emerged since:

  • Before joining Milk Road, he was a Research Director at The Block; a crypto media outlet

  • Prior to that, he was a Research Analyst at Fundstrat; an investment research company focused on equities and crypto

  • He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from McGill University

Matt Pearlstein – Research Analyst / Writer

Matt became interested in crypto in 2016 after being very involved in a mix of the stock market and technology:

  • He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2019 and worked in Wealth Management out of college

  • After 2 years in TradFi, he passed on his book of business and went crypto full time, serving various roles in Web3 / DeFi projects around project & community management, partnerships, and strategy

  • He joined Milk Road and remains active in DeFi, crypto Twitter and several communities

We will also be bringing in guest contributors who are experts in areas like DeFi, NFTs and regulation. Quench your thirst for crypto success and check out what’s waiting for you when you become a Milk Road VIP.