April 5, 2024

🥛 The 5 worst trades of the year 💩

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Here’s what we got for you today:

  • The top 5 worst trades of the year 💩

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  • The average crypto portfolio is up $2,804 in 2024 🍪


Everyone loves a good Rags-To-Riches story. And crypto is full of them…

Someone buys $13 of Whatchama-Call-It-Coin. 4 days later… they’re a gazillionaire, own 6 private jets, and their butler has a butler. 

But for every crypto success story, there’s a room filled with ‘Could-Have-Beens’.  Where someone had the golden opportunity in their hands… and let it slip.

Well, grab your popcorn (and maybe a stress ball) cause today we’re showing you the Top 5 Biggest Fumbles of the Year. 

[WARNING: Things are gonna get ugly. Viewer discretion is advised.]

1/ The $156M WIF Fumble

  • This trader bought 40.7M WIF tokens (worth $10,000) about a week after it launched.

  • 3 days after buying, they sold it all for a $5K LOSS. 

  • Today the position would be worth $156M.

2/ The $35.85M DEGEN Fumble

  • This trader acquired 836M DEGEN tokens (worth $1,400) between January 7th and 8th. 

  • A day later, they sold it all for a 2x profit. 

  • Today the position would be worth $35.85M.

3/ The $29.7M BODEN Fumble

  • This trader bought 45.6M BODEN tokens almost immediately after it launched.

  • 6 seconds later, they sold it all for a 3x profit! Not too shabby for 6 seconds of ‘work’, right?

  • Well, today the position would be worth $29.7M.

4/ The $6M BRETT Fumble

  • This trader sniped 77.7M BRETT tokens (worth $36) as soon as it launched. 

  • They sold it all for a whopping 280X and successfully turned $36 → $10,280. 

  • Today, the position would have been worth $6M. 

5/ The $1.33M BOME Fumble

  • This trader bought 81M BOME tokens (worth $11,000) a few hours after it launched. 

  • An hour later, they sold it all for a $4.8K profit. 

  • Today the position would be worth $1.33M.


The Milk Man sent his elves (Kyle and Jay) to catch you up on everything you might’ve missed from this week's crypto chaos.

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The average crypto portfolio is up $2,804 so far this year. In 2022, the average investor suffered a $7,000 LOSS. Last year, the average investor saw $887 in profit. We’re making progress fam. 

PayPal dropped a new feature that lets users in the U.S. send money internationally, without transaction fees. The service, powered by PayPal’s money transfer platform Xoom, enables users to send money to friends and family in 160 countries without incurring any Xoom transaction fees.

Bitcoin exchange reserves have dropped to multi-year lows. According to CryptoQuant data, more than 90,700 BTC have been withdrawn from major cryptocurrency exchanges over the past month. 

Crypto Twitter is paying a man to buy goats and name them after crypto things. After a man bought a goat using his Worldcoin airdrop and named it ‘Sam’, other crypto users started sending him money to buy goats and name them after stuff – like Base, Nic Carter, and Higher. (Never change, crypto. Never change)

The results are in… the U.S. added 303,000 jobs in March. BTC fell about 0.5% in the minutes following Friday morning's report to $66,000.





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