September 26, 2023

🥛 The blockchain is going to the Moon 🌝

Today’s edition is brought to you by Mars4 – an interactive metaverse and play to earn experience built on a terrain map of mars.

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Here’s what we got today:

  • NASA, the blockchain, and the moon 🌝

  • It’s a BIG week. Here’s what you need to be watching… 👀

  • Microstrategy buys more Bitcoin 🍪

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Houston, prepare for liftoff… 

The blockchain is headed to the Moon. (well, sort of)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is teaming up with Lonestar and the Isle of Man to use blockchain technology to safely secure data on the Moon.

  • NASA will send a payload containing “data cubes” to the Moon.

  • Digital stamps will be created and stored in the data cubes.

  • Once installed, the data will be verified by blockchain tech on Earth to make sure the data is authentic and hasn’t been tampered with.

There are 2 goals:

1/ Create a new data storage solution (that isn’t on Earth).

This could help data sharing accuracy and transparency for agencies that are exploring the Moon.

2/ Prove (once and for all) that the Moon landings are real.

It’s been a never-ending debate about whether the U.S. actually landed on the Moon back in 1969.

The government says there’s no doubt it happened.

But when asked to prove it, it’s turned out to be “extremely difficult”.

The blockchain is looking to help solve that.

It’s official, Roaders. We’re headed to the Moon.


There’s a lot of talk about crypto going to the moon.

What could be better? Taking it a step further and heading to Mars.

Well, on our journey we discovered that Mars has already arrived on the blockchain. And it’s all thanks to Mars4.

That’s right, Mars4 took a terrain map of Mars and created an interactive metaverse out of it. But they didn’t stop there.

  • The metaverse is divided into NFT land plots

  • Users can gather resources and play with others, with a big upgrade upcoming for multiplayer

  • Players are rewarded with Mars4’s token for in game activities

The latest? Two exclusive in-game vehicles just dropped.

Introducing Cyber truck inspired rovers – Phobos X and Deimos X: Two limited time and low quantity in-game assets giving you a leg up on the competition.

Level up your space exploration and dominate Mars today!


The rest of this week is jam-packed with action.

Congressional hearings. Bankruptcy deadlines. You name it.

Lucky for you, we rounded up the biggest events you should keep your eyes on:

1/ The FTX deadline for claims is September 29

Source: @FTX_Official

If you’re an FTX customer:

a) My condolences. I’m sorry for your loss.

b) You have T-3 days to file a proof of claim for your assets.

If you haven’t already started, you should check your emails for a message from FTX with further steps.

And remember to triple-check all links before you click them!

2/ Gary Gensler is testifying before the House Financial Services Committee

The head of the SEC is set to make another appearance before Congress tomorrow.

The good news? Gensler usually gets ripped to shreds at these events.

It’s like a Congressional Comedy Roast. (and pairs well with a glass of wine milk)

The bad news? The SEC usually does something big the same week as a Congressional event. Like, sue a company.

Please see Exhibit A:

Source: @Coinbase

We’ll have to wait and see if history repeats itself.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the other big stuff happening this week:

  • Fed talks: There are 6 Fed members scheduled to speak this week regarding their views on the economy. It could give us clues into what the Fed does next. (i.e. raise interest rates or keep them the same)

  • Macro data: Important data like Q2 GDP data, inflation data, and consumer confidence data are all being released this week.

  • Token unlocks: $50M+ worth of tokens are set to unlock – including Optimism ($30M), dYdX ($4M), and more.

  • Government shutdown: The U.S. government could shut down at the end of this week. This would delay the advancement of crypto-related bills or approval of crypto ETFs during a shutdown.

Brace yourselves for impact Roaders, it might get Rocky. (and I’m not talking about Balboa)


You’ve heard about the Muffin Milk Man, but…have you heard about Bakkt®?

Click your answer above!


Coinbase has successfully received registration from the Bank of Spain. The exchange can now offer crypto custody and crypto trading services.

Microstrategy bought another $147M worth of Bitcoin. The software company now holds ~$4.68B worth of Bitcoin. #CantStopWontStop

HTX (formerly “Huobi”) was hacked for 500 ETH, worth $8M. The exchange says it has fully covered the losses.

Yuga Labs is teaming up with BAPE to launch a new NFT collection. The collection will debut on November 4 during ApeFest in Hong Kong.

LG Electronics and the Label Foundation are teaming up to drop a new web3 music streaming platform called “Tracks”. The music platform will also soon be available on the latest version of LG Smart TVs.



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