January 7, 2023

🥛 The metaverse in your living room? 👀

Gm. This is Milk Road, the Arby’s of crypto.

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Here’s what we got today:

  • Crypto comes for CES 2023

  • Mt. Gox repayments delayed

  • Final Fantasy creator gets into Web3

  • Milky Meme


It’s CES weekend.

CES is a yearly expo that showcases all the new cool stuff in tech.

It’s the Super Bowl for tech nerds. It's what Home Depot is for dads. It’s what Cinnabon is for the Milk Man.

This year, CES had some cool stuff like:

  • Flying cars (Jetsons would be proud)

  • First fully wireless TV (Look Ma, no wires!)

  • A BMW car featuring smart glass that can change colors like a chameleon (yup, even glass is smart now)

But the most interesting thing was… all the talk about crypto & the blockchain.

Here are the top 3 things that caught our eye:

1/ LG is bringing web3 to your living room

LG is a massive consumer tech company that makes smart TVs. And it dropped a few big announcements:

  • Launch of Blade Wallet, an app that lets users buy, sell, & trade NFTs directly on their LG smart TVs

  • Launch of Sansar, a social metaverse platform that lets users virtually access live real-time events (like concerts) and will have a User Generated Market (UGM)

  • Partnering with Oorbit, a metaverse platform that lets users access virtual worlds & play Generative-AI multiplayer games

LG is trying to make trading NFTs & going to the metaverse as easy as opening the Netflix app.

2/ Mastercard is going all in on crypto

The CEO kicked off the week with some big words: “In 2023, we’ll be laser-focused on using crypto tech to create practical products, build trust, and solve problems for people.”

No one knows what it means, but…


And it was followed up with a big announcement at CES – Mastercard is partnering with Polygon blockchain to launch a new accelerator program for musicians.

The program will be focused on getting artists (singers, DJs, etc.) familiar with everything Web3. By the end of it, they’ll know how to mint their own NFT collection and how to represent themselves in virtual worlds.

3/ The number of blockchain & metaverse startups is growing fast

A few years ago, there was no talk about crypto. If you even mentioned the metaverse, they’d call the police and escort you out of the event.

Just kidding. 

But all jokes aside, there used to be little crypto talk.

This year, there were talks & panels all about blockchain & crypto. Hell, there was even a dedicated metaverse section in Central Hall. (Mama we made it!)

Here were a few cool companies from CES:

  • ClimateTrade: Helps companies offset carbon emissions. They use blockchain tech to provide traceability & insights into companies’ emissions & the best way to offset

  • OVR Technology: Helps users smell stuff in the metaverse. It’s a headset that creates a digital scent (honestly, it’s Black Magic)

  • OWO: Helps people feel more than 30 physical sensations in the metaverse, like free falling, push/pull interactions, wind, and more

Brace yourselves, ladies & gents… blockchain & the metaverse are coming.

And the biggest names in the game are working on it.


I was teaching a friend about crypto last night.

I taught them how a blockchain works. Why decentralization is important. The difference between layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains.

Then they asked, “How do I buy crypto and hold onto it?” Things got awkward. I felt like I was at the middle school dance.

The short answer to the question is “Self Custody.”

The long answer? Centralized exchanges aren’t safe. Most web3 wallets have a bad user experience + track your data. Hardware wallets are good for putting your crypto away, but aren’t good for actively buying and selling crypto.

This is why we are introducing a new wallet called Enkrypt.

With Enkrypt:

  • The UI looks like it was crafted from Aphrodite’s finger tips

  • You can buy tokens, and NFTs, and perform swaps across multiple chains – it’s available on all browsers, even Safari (seriously, what other wallet lets you use Safari?)

  • The Enkrypt team is the same team that brought you the MyEtherWallet from 2015. Aka these mfers know how to build a wallet

Start using a user-friendly wallet today and download Enkrypt.


There is patience—it’s a virtue, after all—and then there are Mt. Gox creditors.

They lost hundreds of millions back in 2014 and have been waiting 9 years (nine!!!) for their vanished funds.

And they’re about to wait just a wee bit longer.

What’s another 2 months, right?

  • A Mt. Gox trustee said yesterday that the deadline to register for repayment is now March 10 instead of Jan. 10.

  • The lost crypto will now begin distribution on Sept 30, not July 31.

  • The delay is because too many people haven’t filed their info for repayment yet.

  • Creditors can be paid in crypto, fiat, or a combo of both.

  • Recipients have to register with a crypto exchange to receive payment via crypto (or bank account via fiat).

Among the crypto you can choose is Kraken, which said it would hop out of the Japanese market this month, just fyi…

…which may or may not have anything to do with the deadline extension…

…which now allows Japan-based creditors more time to register with an exchange that actually operates there.


Anywho, keep in mind that Mt. Gox serves as somewhat of a precedent for future possible crypto exchange repayments. (Lookin’ at you, Celsius and FTX creditors.)

And it’s taken…nine years.

The Milk Man is praying for y’all.


Huobi, one of the world’s largest exchanges, and which has entrepreneur Justin Sun on its board, is reportedly laying off 20% of its workforce.

The creator of Final Fantasy said the company will invest heavily in blockchain tech & NFTs this year, including investing in Animoca Brands.

FTX spent $7m on food and $15m on luxury hotels in the Bahamas within a 9-month period. 



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