January 7, 2022

The Road To $10M

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  • The Road to $10M

  • Nas’s First NFT Launch

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Turning $1M -> $10M

I gave myself a challenge, to turn $1M into $10M this year in crypto.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the learning and friends we make along the way.

(Ok, it’s about the money)

A couple clarifications:

  • I’m not a day trader. I’m not going to make 1,000 moves. I don’t have the time or skill to do that

  • I will make concentrated investments in assets that I think can 10x+ and let them work

  • I’m going to share what I’m doing, just need to figure out the best way to do it. I’ll let you know.

  • I’m not an expert (as you’ll probably see), and this isn’t financial advice. In fact, I’m a beginner, and this is for entertainment. (Like when David Blaine froze himself in an ice cube)

Once again, I am not an expert. Im a normal-IQ person who learns quickly and gets lucky often.

So, far here's the moves that we've made:

Step 1: Move $1M USD into ETH (used coinbase, in increments of $100k, across a 2 week period)

  • We will be primarily using this moving forward to get leverage + make new investments

  • Today: our initial investment is down 15%

Step 2: We bought $300,000 worth of Luna

  • Today: our initial investment is up 75%

Current Portfolio Value: $1M –> $1.2M

Nothing too crazy yet. Just getting our poker chips ready, and thinking/talking/learning in January.

Meme Of The Day

Nas (big time rapper) Launches A Song on Royal

Nas reportedly made close to $40 million on his 2013 series B investment into Coinbase –and he’s not stopping there.

Nas will be the first rapper to do a drop on Royal, a music investments platform created by 3LAU, that lets you buy tokenized ownership in songs that include royalties.

While most artists will be dropping NFTs that equate to selling their royalties, Nas is dropping Tiered NFTs that come with 50% of the streaming royalties, exclusive merch and experiences like VIP concert tickets.

In a few weeks, we’ll start to see artists sell direct royalties on the platform. Which may seem new, but actually isn’t.

My friend Dennis Hegstad highlighted that there are already marketplaces to buy these rights and there’s tons of intricacies in buying them.

The real unlock here isn’t the selling of the rights, it's the liquid market.

Being able to sell these NFTs that represent ownership, exclusive access and profit share on Opensea is a massive game changer vs. a niche marketplace.

Quick Hitters From Twitter:

"If you're a millennial struggling to understand crypto, just recall Harry Potter from your intellectually impoverished childhood. The houses are DAOs, the points are tokens, the magic is the Blockchain. Choose your DAO, learn some spells, get some tokens."


"Without Woz’s hacker hobbyist mindset of “building stuff he enjoyed” Apple doesn’t exist. It’s important to continue to push boundaries, do things because you believe in them and have some fun! Most innovative ideas die with “logic”


People forget just how completely non-obvious the entire digital revolution was every step of the way.

1995: WWW will fail

2002: Google will fail

2007: iPhone will fail

2013: Facebook will fail


– Shaan aka mr. cold storage

GM, Say it back!

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P.S. I always knew Vitalik was playing chess, while I’m playing checkers 🤣