April 7, 2023

🥛 The secret Bitcoin whitepaper 👀

GM. This is Milk Road – your caddie through the hardest course on the planet: Cryptoland. We’ll help you pick the perfect club, give you some moral support, and carry your bag when it's too heavy. 💰

It’s Friday. We’re feelin’ good. Let’s boogie:

  • Bitcoin’s whitepaper is hidden in every Mac 🖥️

  • Use case of the week: Bitcoin mining heat ♨️

  • Visual of the Day: BTC vs ETH 📊

  • Funding Friday 💰

  • Fast and Furious 🤝 Polygon 🍪

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I just learned a new magic trick last night. It's guaranteed to blow your mind. But first, let me tell you the story of how I learned it…

I was watching The Masters tournament when the Milk Man texted me:

Milk Man: "I bet you $100 I can make the Bitcoin whitepaper appear on your Macbook"

Me: "Ok sure, David Blaine. You're on."

Milk Man: "Go to your Mac, open up the Terminal application, paste this code in open/System/Library/ImageCapture/Devices/VirtualScanner.app/Contents/Resources/simpledoc.pdf, and then abracadabra mfer."

I hesitated. My gut said it could be a hack. But momma ain't raise no punk, so I did it.

What happened next blew my mind…

IT WORKED! The Bitcoin whitepaper popped up on my screen. I immediately started texting my friends and betting them $100 that I could make the Bitcoin whitepaper appear on their Mac devices.

It worked every single time – I'm now the coolest kid in my friend group and $1,000 richer. When life gives you lemons, make it rain lemonade.

So what is this sorcery? How did the Bitcoin whitepaper make it onto all the Macs since 2018? No one knows for sure.

Some think it was an employee-gone-rogue that put the Bitcoin whitepaper on all devices as their final act. Some think Tim Cook could be Satoshi. It's all just theories at this point.

Apple is known for putting random sh*t on our devices before. But hey, this is way cooler than when they put that random U2 album on our iPhones back in 2014.


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Let's talk about everyone's favorite topic: Bitcoin's use cases. Today we're gonna talk about… heat.

Everyone knows Bitcoin uses up a lot of energy.

Well, a lot of energy = a lot of heat (shoutout to Bill Nye the Science Guy for teaching me that in 3rd grade.)

But most of that heat is useless. All it does is turn rooms into saunas.

Well, now there are a few eco-friendly companies that are harnessing that excess heat to do things like:

  • Heat up swimming pools. A UK firm is using Bitcoin mining centers as “digital boilers” to heat pools and help bring down high energy costs.

  • Heat up cities. A Canadian firm is using Bitcoin mining centers to heat up the city of North Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s the first city to use Bitcoin as a source of heat.

Pretty cool right?

Bitcoin's future sure looks bright warm.


“There is no second best” Michael Saylor, when asked about Bitcoin.

And when it comes to his company, MicroStrategy, they put their money where their mouth is.

MicroStrategy now owns 140,000 BTC. That’s 0.66% of the TOTAL supply and 1 out of every 150 BTC.

How’s the strategy going? Well, MicroStrategy is down $250M+ on its investment. And it makes you wonder…

What if Michael Saylor had put his money where his mouth wasn’t? What if he bought ETH instead of BTC? Well check it out, Blockchain Center made a dashboard to answer that question.

The takeaways:

  • MicroStrategy would be up $2.6B if it invested in ETH instead. Btw, the market cap for the entire company is $3.4B.

  • Staked ETH could’ve earned MicroStrategy ~$600M in additional revenue. That’s more than the company has ever made in operating income.


It’s Funding Friday – this week, ~$202M was raised by crypto companies. Here’s who secured the bag:

OP3N got $28M to build out its “Whatsapp meets Amazon” Web3 super app. Users can add audio & video to on-chain interactions.

Gryfyn got $7.5M for its custodial wallet product. Plus, its new CEO is Animoca Brands’ executive. 👀

Metatime got $11M for its crypto exchange. The Turkish startup is also working on a stablecoin. Fingers crossed that this one’s actually stable…

Auros got $17M to help steady its algorithm trading business after FTX fell. No, it’s not the name of a Harry Potter spell.

Check out the full database of companies that have raised money this year, right here.


Miami Heat’s arena, formerly FTX Arena, has a new name. Allow me to reintroduce myself: The Kaseya Center

Soulja Boy sells out a 3D NFT Collection in a few hours. Only weeks after the SEC charged him with the illegal promotion of cryptocurrencies.

Creator of Fast and Furious partners with Polygon to create a new racing franchise. Polygon’s partnership list is becoming a Costco receipt.

Arbitrum drops AIP-1.1. After fumbling the first governance proposal a few days ago, Arbitrum Foundation is back for round two.


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