May 20, 2023

🥛We’re ready to drop the “R” word…

GM. This is the Milk Road, the crypto newsletter tha-

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Sorry folks, no time for an intro today.

We’re here to talk about one thing: Mass Adoption.

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Well, there’s a completely new type of blockchain that is looking to help with that: Regulated Blockchains. 

*gasp* I know, I know. We don’t like dropping the “R” word either.

But here’s the truth: regulation is needed.

Having clear laws and guidelines will help unlock mass adoption and make bigger players comfortable to play bigger games.

So today, we’re gonna talk about:

  • Why regulation is the key to unlock mass adoption

  • Use cases: what regulated blockchains can be used for

And we’re teaming up with a friend to make it all happen…

Venom Foundation – the world’s first licensed blockchain company by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).


The “R” word gets a lot of baseless flak. People think it stifles innovation, is just a way to handcuff projects, blah blah blah

But it’s actually good for users! It helps governments & institutions adopt a new bad*ss technology.

Regulators that are open to the possibilities of blockchain tech will use it to capitalize on existing assets and will tap into new markets. 

(Then there are the cool ass regulators like Nate Dogg and Warren G. If you know, you know.)

Now let’s talk about the 2 reasons why regulated blockchains will be a thing:

1/ Some use cases need regulation

Blockchains have a lot of promises. And the most brilliant engineers, founders, and investors are all trying to figure out ways to implement blockchain technology across different industries.

Traditional finance. Real estate. Cross-border trades. Asset tokenizations. You name it. 

People are trying to put everything on the blockchain. (Except pooping, that’s still not possible.)

But here’s the thing: some of those use cases need to work with centralized entities and governments. 

  • Wanna easily buy/sell land using the blockchain instead of filling out 8937298 pages of paperwork? Cool, it’s possible. But there still needs to be some sort of regulation & compliance.

  • Want big traditional finance players to join the space? Cool, it’s possible. But there still needs to be some sort of regulation & compliance.

2/ It will help people feel “comfortable” joining the space

Right now, inviting your friends to the crypto party looks a lot like this…

That’s because crypto is a lot like the Wild Wild West – blockchains are full of scammers, hackers, and rugpullers. 

Some regulation is necessary in order to prevent short-term grifters and reckless scammers from causing havoc.

New users will also feel more comfortable using products that have the Regulatory Stamp of Approval. 

It’s a paradox between having perfectly trustless technology (decentralized) and having technology that is easy to use and has everyday use cases (works with centralized entities).

Jon Wu (well-known in the crypto space) puts it best:

To summarize: There are still some super important uses cases for decentralization (i.e Bitcoin can still be used to “bank the bankless” and give people ownership of their money.), but there are also use cases for these regulated blockchains.

Let’s dive into a few of those…



This involves a lot of activities like buying goods, transporting them across borders, and paying for them. 

Right now, it’s a complex process that requires coordination between multiple parties, including importers, exporters, banks, and shipping companies.

Regulated blockchains could help enable international trade to happen more smoothly and efficiently, reducing risk for parties involved, and providing financing options for businesses that need to buy goods from other countries.


Anything that has to do with registering, buying, or selling land is a pain. You need to fill out endless paperwork and jump through tons of hoops. 

It looks like a little like this…

Regulated blockchains can help fix this.

Some other use cases include…

  • Supply chain management

  • Decentralized identities

  • Mortgages

  • Record keeping

  • Insurance

  • And more..

Plus, we’re already seeing some governments around the world start partnering with regulated blockchains to make it all happen. 


The government of Kenya recently partnered with Venom to build a “blockchain hub”.

The goal? Develop more Web3 apps and blockchain use cases across the country. 

Companies, founders, and government officials will use the Venom blockchain and existing tools to build solutions around supply chain management, land registry, tokenization of assets, voting systems, and more. 

TLDR: Regulation is the missing piece of the puzzle that’s been lost under the sofa. And Venom is the only player in the space that’s found it. 

Want to dive into a Web3 app that's actually regulated?



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