January 14, 2022

What Joe Rogan Thinks of Axie Infinity

In Today’s Email:

  • Is Defi Kingdoms the future of finance?

  • The Fan Controlled Football League goes full web3

  • Axie Infinity Makes a Guest Appearance on Joe Rogan

The Crown $JEWEL of Defi

First, we had pay-to-play games: we bought NBA 2K every year for $60.

Then we had free-to-play games like Fortnite.

Then we had play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity.

Now we have DeFi Kingdoms – a completely new category at the intersection of gaming x finance, now known as GameFi.

DeFi Kingdoms is like if a decentralized exchange and a game had a baby.

It’s a game wrapper on top of a decentralized exchange – to make it more fun, familiar and inviting to invest in crypto.

It hit the scene in late August and has picked up a lot of steam, just look at the last 30 days:

Source: DappRadar

Even Haralabob tweeted about it (the world’s best sports bettor once upon a time and former Dallas Mavericks decision maker):

The power of Defi Kingdoms lies in taking hard, confusing things and making them feel familiar, easy, and fun.

Just look at the comparison between two products who are both about liquidity pools – which feels more familiar and inviting to you?

For me, it’s that nostalgic pc game on the left that brings me back to the days of AIM and Limewire

There’s a few components inside the Kingdom – mostly buying, earning, and staking $JEWEL (the in-game currency and token) and NFTs that you can rent out.

And the team has painted a grand vision for where the game is going.

And that’s why I’ve had this on my list for a long time to jump into. The time is now.

Hit this link if you wanna join a live session in the next few weeks where we learn how to play and invest in it together.

And hit reply if you know this well enough to train us ahead of time in the next few days!

The Fan Controlled Football League Goes Full Web3

I’ve watched the Arizona Cardinals so many times where I BEGGED for them to go for it on 4th and short.

"Just run that bootleg with Kyler Murray and get the yards!"

The Fan Controlled Football League recognized that every sports fan thinks like me – we're smarter than the coach.

So they built a league where fans vote on everything that happens. Everything from what plays should be run in the game to who the head coach is you can vote on.

Marshawn Lynch and Quavo got on board by owning teams (watch this Marshawn clip if you want a good laugh)

And now with their move to Web3, you’ll be able to join Marshawn and Quavo by owning a piece of a team too

They’ve been at this for years (raised from Lightspeed in 2020), but now they’re officially going for the red pill and moving everything to web3 with the announcement that they’ve raised $40M from Delphi Digital and Animoca Brands.

Going full web3 means that we'll see:

1/ Teams owned by NFT owners and communities – Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang, Knights of Degen and Team 8OKI

2/ Tokenizing the League – Starting with performance-based rewards to each team's token holders and evolving into much more

I’ve always believed that rich people wanna flex and owning a sports team certainly checks that box (even if it’s the minor leagues).

That’s why I think this might just work

Joe Rogan on Axie Infinity

Watch the 2 minute clip here. My favorite line of his: "Isn't it funny they have scrolls like it's old timey, meanwhile it's the most dystopian future you can imagine?" 😂

The Startup Funding Roundup

Web3Auth, raised a $13M Series A led by Sequoia to make Web3 authentication easier for apps and wallets.

Conduit, raised a $17M Seed Round led by Portage Ventures to build APIs for Defi products.

anotherblock, raised $1.2M pre-seed round led by J12 to build a blockchain marketplace of music rights.

See ya next week!