April 20, 2022

🥛 What will crypto look like in 2030?

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Today we have:

  • 🔮 10 bold predictions for crypto in 2030

  • 🤑 A new airdrop coming soon

  • 📭 Introducing the Milk Road Mailbag

  • 📝 Quick Nuggets


Framework (a VC fund with $1.4B in AUM) just wrote up some predictions for what crypto will look like in 2030 in their blog post titled, The End of the Beginning.

Here’s where we are today:

  • OpenSea now has more NFTs indexed than Google has web pages

  • DeFi has more than $200B in total value locked

  • There are ~30M monthly active users across blockchains (up 54x since 2020)

And here’s 10 of their bold predictions for 2030:

  1. 1M developers building on blockchains globally

  2. Play-To-Earn games become the largest employer of human beings globally

  3. Many people are known to others as their online name, rather than real name/identity

  4. A smart contract hack worth $10B occurs

  5. The most popular global sports team is an on-chain gaming guild

  6. Politics shifts to support crypto. A politician emerges as the “Al Gore of Crypto”

  7. Blockchains have 1-3 billion users every month (there’s ~7.9b people in the world today)

  8. DeFi has $10 trillion in TVL

  9. The most valuable individual art pieces in the world are on-chain

  10. Most social media networks exist on-chain


Do you smell that? It’s the sweet, sweet smell of an airdrop.

But before we talk about Optimism’s airdrop, let’s first introduce Optimism. What is it?

Let’s imagine crypto is a city.

Ethereum is Main Street. It’s the most popular area to go to, but it’s congested and expensive.

So what do we do?

We use the Subway train system. This is a 2nd layer (underground) of transportation. It’s not as convenient or prestigious as the Main Street, but it’s cheaper and faster.

In crypto, these are called “Layer 2s”. They make it cheaper and faster to do transactions on the Ethereum network.

One layer 2 is called Optimism. They are super popular ($17B in transaction volume, saving users $1.1B in gas fees, and over 300k+ unique users)

They just hinted that they are doing an airdrop (aka free money, given to their users).

Now, how do you get access to the airdrop? Well, it’s probably too late. They are likely air-dropping to the people who have already been using it.

So the trick is to think about who might airdrop next.….here’s a list of projects that may do an airdrop in the near future.


We’re officially 100 days into the Milk Road and we wanna hear from you in our newest section, the Milk Road Mailbag.

Ask us anything and we’ll pick 10 questions to answer every month.

For example, we got this gem from Doug in Phoenix in our Twitter DMs:

Guys – I need an opinion.

Last year I got a little bonus at work and told my wife we can save it up for a nice family vacation. We’re not rich, but if we save up we can do a Disneyland type trip.

But there’s one tiny problem. I decided that I’d “save” in crypto instead of fiat (mostly BTC, and some Luna off the milk road recommendation. Thx for that btw).

So the good news is, I’m up big. Made like $30K. But if I tell the wife now, there’s a chance she’s pissed (ok, a 100% chance).

I didn’t technically lie, I just…uh…omitted some facts. So what’s the move here? Come clean about the crypto winnings? I need some Milk Road Marriage Wisdom here!

– Doug, from phoenix

The Milk Road:

Hey Doug. First off, congrats on the crypto investments. Second, congrats on being single again soon! Just kidding. (Kinda.)

Money is a tricky subject for marriages. Best to be honest. And just because your trade worked, doesn’t mean you did a good thing.

So tell her the truth, promise not to do it again…and then make it up to her with a way-more-awesome vacation (helps take the edge off, in my professional opinion).

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Coinbase just opened up their NFT marketplace for beta access this morning. This is huge news.

Crypto assets saw $97M leave the system over the last week, according to the latest CoinShares report. This is the second straight week we’ve seen more people selling crypto than buying – bringing the total to $196M leaving the crypto market this month.

The NBA is dropping their “The Association” Dynamic NFTs for the playoffs starting today. There will be 18,000 total NFTs in the collection (75 editions for every player in the playoffs) and the NFTs will change in appearance over time based on team and player on-court performance.

Blockchain.com, a crypto exchange, is looking to IPO this year.

Snoop Dogg is dropping a 420 edition NFT mix on Sound today. It features 4 new web3 rappers that each gets a 1% split of the song. Ps. So far, every Sound NFT is up since the mint (honeymoon period!)

Andre Cronje (famous crypto developer) announces he is working on several crypto projects, this time focused on compliance and regulation. This comes one day after he releases his blog claiming crypto is in need of regulation. Talk about timing.

Anheuser-Busch (parent company for Bud Light) files multiple trademarks for their new metaverse, Budverse. The trademarks cover NFTs of beer cans and a gaming metaverse. Dilly Dilly!

KuCoin, a crypto exchange, launches a $100M NFT Creators Fund. The fund is focused on getting more creators to adopt their new NFT marketplace, Windvane. The NFT marketplace battle is getting spicier by the day.

Bitcoin and the NASDAQ hit all-time highs in correlation. Maybe, these assets are correlated after all?



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