What Is DeBank And How Can You Use It To Track Our Public Wallet

The following guide walks readers through DeBank’s platform and their mission to be the social layer of Web3. We also utilize the Milk Road public wallet to show readers how to track portfolios through DeBank. Lastly, we introduce a few cool features that DeBank has released.
Published: November 3, 2023   |   Last Updated: February 24, 2024
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Matt Pearlstein

Introduction To Portfolio Tracking

One key benefit of blockchains is that they offer full transparency into a user’s transactions. If you paste a wallet address into a blockchain explorer or portfolio tracker, you can view the exact timestamp, details, and involved parties of every transaction that wallet has ever been involved in.

But there’s still a major problem for the average user: blockchain data can be hard to read and interpret. If you enter a wallet into Etherscan, the block explorer for everything happening on Ethereum, you will be shown this screen:

Debank Etherscan Explorer

Safe to say it is not the most user-friendly interface. And that is where portfolio tracking apps like DeBank come in.

What Is DeBank

DeBank is one of several popular dApps used for tracking portfolio holdings, as well as what other users are doing with their wallets. But we’ve chosen DeBank for this public wallet guide because they take things a step further.

DeBank aims to be one of the largest social media platforms in Web3. They have introduced several unique features, such as a stream similar to a Twitter feed and a way to pay users for their attention through direct messages.

We’ll be breaking down our portfolio in DeBank below and checking out some of their offerings!

Breaking Down Our Portfolio In DeBank

Anyone can track the Milk Road public wallet at any time by pasting our wallet address into DeBank. Here’s a breakdown of how our wallet looks in their dApp:

Debank Portfolio

Social Features

On the top half of the screenshot above, you can see the social aspect of a wallet’s profile. 

This is broken down into:

  • ID: This allows users to create a custom username to personalize their DeBank portfolio. Minting an ID costs $96 and also allows users to add a bio and access other features.
  • Followers / TVF: With a focus on being a social app, DeBank allows you to follow other users. TVF (total value of followers) is a representation of the total portfolio value of every wallet currently following you.
  • Hi Offer Price: This amount represents the price a user will have to pay to send a wallet a DM on DeBank.
  • Portfolio Value: This shows the current value of all of your holdings, as well as the 24 hour change in your portfolio’s value.

You can also select different headings to view a wallet’s previous transactions, NFTs, stream feed, or achievements (badges).


Under the social component of the profile, DeBank lists all of the blockchains that you currently hold digital assets on and their respective values. DeBank supports a wide range of blockchains and almost every EVM-compatible asset.

You can see from the above screenshot that our wallet currently holds tokens on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base. If you click on any of these chains, they will expand to show you a more detailed breakdown of your holdings:

Debank Wallets

Note: We did not purchase $POOF and have no idea what it is. It was transferred into our wallet (maybe by a loyal Roader?!)


In addition to breaking down the portfolio by chain, you can also dive into individual protocols by clicking on their icon:

Debank Protocols

DeBank does a solid job of breaking down DeFi activities and makes them easy to track. For example, this is how it looks if you zoom into Camelot:

Debank Camelot

This allows you to easily see the involved assets, current value, and accrued rewards in one place for all of your DeFi activities.

Note: While the Milk Man won’t be retiring off $3 of rewards from Camelot, we can easily calculate that we have already earned a 0.65% return in a little over a month of providing liquidity. This amounts to a ~7% APY while we also can benefit from the upside of holding two assets (ETH/ARB) we are bullish on.

Exploring Other Features In DeBank

While portfolio tracking has been the main function of DeBank to date, they have recently launched some other interesting features.

DeBank Stream

Stream acts just like a Twitter feed. Users can post, like, and comment on other posts and see timeline history. However, Stream brings one major twist to social media: all users can earn from their contributions.

Users can earn from receiving engagement on their posts and adding to the overall DeBank community. This user was able to ~$23 by posting a picture of their cat, which was seen by over 500 users!

DeBank Hi

Have you ever tried to slide in the DMs of a popular crypto personality? Well, DeBank is trying to revolutionize this concept by allowing users to set a price that others must pay in order to send them a message.

The base price of a direct message rises if a user starts to receive a lot of message requests. If the user does not open/respond to the message in a set amount of time, the funds are returned to the original user.

This is how it looks when you receive a message request:

Debank Message Request

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard adds gamification to DeBank’s platform and also allows users to find new wallets and people to follow.

Users are ranked in two ways:

  1. By their portfolio value / net worth
  2. By the total portfolio value of their followers

Here are the top 5 users on DeBank on the leaderboards:

Debank Leaderboard

Using DeBank For Wallet Tracking

While tracking other wallets can be a successful strategy at times, it is also important to be aware of the risks.

The Pros Of Wallet Tracking

  • Find new investments: Exploring new wallets can help you find new tokens or protocols to research. However, you should never blindly buy something because someone else owns it.
  • Learn new strategies: Tracking experienced DeFi users can show you new strategies for earning yield or new blockchains to bridge over to.
  • Tap into market sentiment: Seeing how other wallets are positioned can help give you a sense of how other crypto users are feeling about the overall market.

Considerations Around Wallet Tracking

  • Blindly following wallets: Past success does not guarantee future returns. You should always research what others are doing before doing so yourself.
  • Tracking only whales: A wallet having a high net worth does not mean that they have been successful in crypto. Additionally, this wallet may have much different goals and risk taking ability than the average person.
  • Wallet tracking bots: There are many bots that are set up to trade on another wallet’s actions. It is important to not rush into any trade.

Next Steps

Now that everyone is comfortable with the platform, readers can track our wallet in real time through DeBank. Simply go to their site, paste in our wallet address and follow our journey  under “portfolio”. 

We’ll be back soon with some more on-chain fun for you Roaders. Until then, stay milky my friends.

Here is the Milk Road Public wallet address:


This report is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions, nor is it offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice. You should conduct your own research and consult independent counsel on the matters discussed within this report. Part performance of any asset is not indicative of future results.

It should also be noted that the writer(s) of this report may hold assets mentioned in the article at the time of writing.

Matt Pearlstein
Matt Pearlstein
Matt found crypto in 2016 and left TradFi to go full time in the industry a few years back. He is deep in the weeds of DeFi and also likes to go to the beach and play basketball.

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