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  • April 11, 2022
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Let’s get you all caught up from the weekend:

  • 📉 A Crypto billionaire's new price predictions
  • 🪦 A famous meme was just bought for $1M
  • 😂 What had me laughing this weekend


Just 3 weeks ago, Arthur Hayes (one of the world’s youngest Bitcoin Billionaires) wrote an article about how he thought Bitcoin’s going to $1M (we wrote about it here).

He still believes that… but he thinks there’s pain coming in the short term. 

His prediction:

  • Bitcoin & Ethereum will bottom out first, Bitcoin to $30,000 and Eth to $2,500
  • Stocks will drop next
  • The Fed will eventually change gears, from tightening to loosening 
  • Then stocks will rebound, and crypto will rebound even higher. 

Here’s his logic:

1/ Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly correlated to the Nasdaq 100 (correlation hit 0.49 recently, an all time high). If Nasdaq tanks, crypto will likely tank with it. 

2/ Nasdaq 100 (NDX) is likely to tank, because interest rates keep going up

3/ Global growth will slow down with higher commodity prices (due to the Russia & Ukraine War)

Hayes believes it’s inevitable. Nasdaq 100 (NDX) prices will drop, and so will crypto (in the near term). Then the cycle will change and crypto will rebound higher than ever. 

The Milk Road’s take: 

Crypto Hayes is a smart dude. We pay attention to what he says.

There are a bunch of people in crypto who just want to say “rah-rah-yay-everything going up.” Not us. We like to hear both sides of the argument.


We’ve all seen the famous dancing coffin meme on Twitter…and this weekend the original NFT was minted and sold for ~$1.05m.

On one hand - why would someone pay $1M to own a meme? There are no royalties, cashflows, and you don’t need to own it to look at it. 

Then again, why do people pay $1.2M for Babe Ruth’s first home run ball? Or $4.3M for the original basketball rule book?

People enjoy collecting items that have cultural power.  Memes are a core part of internet culture. 

So even though it breaks my brain to see people buying meme NFTs, it does make sense when looked at as cultural collectibles.


It feels like I see Bored Apes all over my Twitter timeline...so we went digging to see what NFTs are used the most as profile pictures.

Surprisingly, 2 of the top 10 are from Solana...and Opensea just launched support for Solana NFTs last week.

Source: NFT Inspect


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Jason Kilar, (ex CEO of WarnerMedia) says that blockchain tech could be the future of Hollywood He compares the potential to the wave DVDs had on Hollywood in the 90s. 

Mastercard filed 15 trademarks for crypto-related services. This year alone 1,967 crypto applications have been filed, more than all of 2021.

Crypto.com and UFC entered a new crypto deal that pays fighter bonuses in Bitcoin.The first 3 fighters split $60k in Bitcoin this past weekend at UFC 273. 

Bored & Hungry, the first NFT-themed fast food restaurant had their grand opening in California this weekend. Burgers. Fries. Accepts ETH and $APE. What more could you want? The line was 3 blocks long for launch day. 

Check out the 13 year old that has made millions off making her art into NFTs.  Her art has sold for about ~7M in total. Insane….at 13, I was still trying my best to beat my brother in Mario Kart.


This is a hilarious video…well worth the 5 minute watch.

This is live streaming on steroids:

See ya tomorrow!

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