Published: June 15, 2023   |   Last Updated: June 28, 2023

Sure, we have a lot of fun with the Milk Road newsletter. But we also take a serious look at some of the top markets, opportunities, and topics in the crypto world.

Whether you’re looking for a job in crypto, interested in learning how to stake crypto, considering a crypto IRA, or mulling over the pros and cons of a crypto mortgage, we’ve done a deep dive to gather the facts.

Check out the resources below to get smarter about crypto.

BTC Price

Altcoins come and go, but Bitcoin is still the King of the crypto market. What’s today’s Bitcoin price, and what’s driving the market for the world’s largest crypto market? Check today’s Bitcoin price and track BTC performance over time.

NFT Floor Price

Every NFT Collection has a lowest price NFT (or several at that price range). That’s the NFT floor price. See the floor prices for top NFT collections, including a new metric called Floor Price Concentration. Understand the market before you make your next move.

Fear & Greed Index

Long-term markets trade on fundamentals and demand, but a big part of trading in the short term comes down to two basic human emotions: fear and greed. We examine how both fear and greed impact market moves with Milk Road’s Fear & Greed Index. Get smarter about trading.

Crypto Credit Cards

Want to earn some crypto by making everyday purchases? Crypto credit cards and debit cards let you spend your crypto like cash or earn rewards when you make purchases. Learn which crypto cards offer the best deals and whether you should make room in your wallet for a crypto credit card.

Crypto Jobs

If you missed out on Bitcoin when it was trading for pennies (or maybe you spent yours on pizza), you probably still need to work. Milk Road rounds up some of the best resources out there to help you build a career working in an industry you love: crypto.

ETH Price

Everything changed when the Ethereum network switched from proof of work to proof of stake. Check today’s ETH price and historical performance, and learn what’s ahead for the biggest smart-contract blockchain on the planet.

Stablecoin Price

Stablecoins are designed to offer a stable value relative to other currencies, like the US dollar. Discover the largest stablecoins by market cap and find out what makes these clever crypto innovations tick.

Staking Crypto

Staking offers a way to earn passive income waaayy higher than bank interest by using your crypto to help validate transactions on the network. Learn the ins and outs of staking with top blockchains like Ethereum in Milk Road’s in-depth guide to crypto staking.

Crypto IRAs

IRAs provide a great way to invest for the future while getting some of the best tax breaks available. Now, you can invest in crypto with a special type of IRA that allows alternative investments. Grow your stack in a tax-advantaged account. Learn how it all works and whether a crypto IRA is right for you.

Crypto Mortgages

Maybe you’re cash-poor but crypto-rich. Can you get a mortgage using your crypto stack? Well, yes. We’ll explain how and walk through the top options to get a crypto mortgage to buy a home. Maybe put some NFTs on the walls once you’ve settled into your new crib.