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George Hristov

The Gamium Beta is Here

The Gamium platform is now officially open, in invite-only Beta and use the code: 6T11T23H to join.

Gamium is a social-meets-web3 protocol that enables you to invest in public social media profiles. Anyone can use Gamium to launch MSTs for users on or off the platform, democratizing the trade of social influence. 

Gamium is a social-meets-web3 protocol that enables you to invest in public social media profiles.

But what are MSTs, and what makes Gamium the perfect platform to ride the imminent “SocialFi” wave? 

Let’s dive right in.

What are MSTs?

MSTs are tokens that convert social influence into tradable assets. This allows the world to invest in their favorite creators’ growth potential – as well as rewarding them for their efforts. 

What you can do with MSTs all depends on the platform and creator at hand. This may include exclusive features like VIP access to a creator’s content, access to communicating and collaborating with a creator, or even sharing in their revenue.

In the case of Gamium, MSTs are the cornerstone of the platform, merging social components with decentralized finance. 

What is Gamium?

Gamium is a decentralized social platform that’s looking to revolutionize the “SocialFi” world via MSTs.

The Gamium platform leverages the Binance Smart Chain to enable users to create, trade, and engage with MSTs. These tokens are tied to X (formerly Twitter) accounts letting users capitalize on social interactions and influence in a decentralized digital environment. 

The Gamium platform leverages the Binance Smart Chain to enable users to create, trade, and engage with MSTs
Gamium users can create MSTs for any creator on the X platform.

In other words, Gamium brings people onchain. . Here’s some of what Gamium offers:

  1. Tokenization of Social Profiles: Gamium allows anyone to launch MSTs for any user on the platform, even if that user hasn’t joined yet. This democratizes the creation and trade of social influence.
  2. Economic and Social Engagement: Gamium supports creators by allowing them to build entire economies around their profiles. This includes setting up liquidity pools, engaging in revenue sharing, and offering exclusive access to content. 
  3. Exclusive Access and Benefits: Gamium MST holders enjoy benefits like exclusive access to VIP rooms, special viewing modes, and real yield earnings from the tokens they hold.
  4. An Immersive 3D Experience: Gamium provides the ability to experience social profiles and interactions within a 3D virtual environment. This extends the concept of social tokens by embedding them deeply into the fabric of a virtual world – real immersion.

Notably, Gamium partnered with Meta and Telefónica under the Metaverse Activation Programme last year – an initiative designed to advance the development and scalability of startups in the metaverse and Web3 spaces.

What is SocialFi?

SocialFi is short for “Social Finance”. 

In a nutshell, it can be described as an innovative combination of decentralized finance (DeFi) principles, with social media dynamics. 

We’re used to a Web2 word when it comes to social platforms. But by applying Web3 principles to the social space, SocialFi provides an opportunity to further empower its creators and users. 

How? By giving them more control, ownership, and the ability to monetize their social interactions and content directly – without the need for intermediaries like traditional social media platforms. 

By allowing anyone to launch MSTs, providing tangible benefits to users and MST holders, and backing from some big names like Meta… Gamium is in a unique position to lead the SocialFi charge.

Tokenomics and Benefits of MSTs

Each Gamium MST will have a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens. 

Up to 10% of supply goes to the X account holder (10% if the X account holder launches their own MST, or 9.75% if it’s launched by a third party, who gets the 0.25%).

They are also deflationary by nature, integrating token burns on a per-transaction basis – the more activity an MST has, the faster its supply will shrink. 

But the benefits don’t stop with just tokenomics and investing in your favorite creators. MST holder will also unlock benefits such as:

  • Referral rewards: Users will receive a 0.5% commission on transactions made by their referrals.  
  • Real Yield: Holders that own more than 0.25% of a creator’s MST supply will enjoy passive income through commissions on activity related to that MST’s ecosystem.
  • Exclusive experiences: MST holders get access to exclusive 3D immersive experiences, such as interacting with the creator in their home, and earning real yield. 

Overall, the tokenomics of Gamium MSTs are designed to create a sustainable, engaging, and profitable ecosystem for both creators and users. Ideally, this puts the profits back in the hands of those who are most valuable to the platform.

Who Can Launch an MST?

On Gamium, the ability to launch MSTs is remarkably inclusive.

Any individual who creates content or has a social presence on X can launch an MST. This includes artists, influencers, gamers, and other content creators who wish to monetize their social capital and interactions within social media.

But it’s not only the creators themselves that can launch an MST. 

Community members or fans can also initiate the creation of MSTs for their favorite creators. This unique feature democratizes the process and allows fans to actively participate in the value creation of the creators they support. Don’t worry – mechanisms are built in to make sure the creator is handsomely rewarded.

Part of the Gamium UI, allowing to toggle between MSTs that you own.
Use Gamium to own a stake in your favorite creators – Sample of the Gamium UI.

What does Setting up a Gamium MST look like?

Setting up an MST on Gamium’s platform is pretty straightforward. Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet
  2. Enter your referral code
  3. Connect your X profile
  4. Launch your MST (if you’re ready)
  5. Launch Gamium
  6. Enjoy!

Gamium offers the necessary infrastructure and marketplace for MST trading, management, and integration within the broader ecosystem.

By enabling a wide range of users to create their own MSTs, Gamium introduces a new way for people to interact socially and economically in the virtual world. 

This is a key part of the SocialFi movement – the ability for many different users to participate not only makes the platform more dynamic, but also increases the variety of creative and business activities that are possible.

About the Gamium Beta

Gamium’s beta version is an early release of their platform that allows users to test and interact with the features before the full public launch. 

A sample of the Gamium dashboard, showing the performance of different MSTs.
Dashboard showing the performance of creators’ MSTs – Sample of the Gamium UI.

The Gamium beta is invite-only. Access is gated through referrals, which means that new users need a referral code to join. These codes are typically distributed by content creators or existing community members who are already active on the platform.

Luckily, we’ve got our very own Gamium invite code for you, as a Milk Road reader: Join the Beta and use the code: 6T11T23H to join.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to experiment with buying, selling, or trading MSTs within the platform, exploring how tokenomics work in real scenarios. 

You’ll also be able to check for any test-versions of exclusive access and benefits, as well as start earning real yield based on your activity and holdings.

Did Someone Say Airdrop Points?

If catching the start of the SocialFi revolution wasn’t enough of a motivator for you, there’s yet another incentive: Airdrop points.

You’re probably familiar with the concept, which has been all the rage lately.

Put simply: If you’re active on the Gamium Beta, you’ll rack up points. These points will eventually be convertible for an airdrop of Gamium tokens. 

To climb the Gamium points leaderboard, you can do a bunch of things. Invite others, swap MSTs, and engage in other daily activities. The more points you accumulate, the greater your airdrop may be. 

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