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July 20, 2024

🥛 Are we entering the next phase of the bull market?

GM! Welcome to Milk Road PRO – your weekly dose of top-tier crypto insights that will leave you feeling like an A-List celebrity at the crypto grammys. 🏆 Something unusual is happening in the markets. 👀 Stocks are skyrocketing (orange), while crypto is plummeting (blue). Typically, crypto tends to correlate with stocks, so what’s going on? 🤔Source: TradingViewWhenever……

July 19, 2024

🥛 Top 3 crypto founders reshaping our future 🧑‍💼

Today’s edition is brought to you by Agoric – a web3 native, on-chain orchestration platform for chain abstracted applications.Innovate your applications with Agoric.GM. This is Milk Road, your daily dose of reliable crypto news—because unlike Windows computers, we never crash! 🟦 Here’s what we got for you today:✍️ Top 3 crypto founders💰 Funding Friday: Special edition🎙️……

July 18, 2024

🥛 Double your crypto? Sanctum tries a new airdrop strategy 🪂

GM. This is Milk Road, the crypto newsletter that’s more refreshing than jumping into a pool on a scorching summer day.Here’s what we got for you today:✍️ Top 3 index tokens✍️ Sanctum drops new airdrop meta🥛 PRO portfolio updates🎙️ The Milk Road Show: Blackrock CEO Larry Fink “Bitcoin is Legit” + ETH ETF Launch Date……

July 17, 2024

🥛 ETH ETFs go live on July 23rd – Everything you need to know! 👀

Today’s edition is brought to you by Agoric – a web3-native, on-chain orchestration platform for seamless multi-chain experiences.Enhance your applications with Agoric orchestration.GM. This is Milk Road, the crypto newsletter so bright, sunflowers turn our way.Here’s what we got for you today:✍️ ETH ETFs set to go live on July 23rd✍️ Trump picks a pro-crypto……

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July 18, 2024

Indian Crypto Exchange WazirX Reportedly Hacked: $230M Stolen

The Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has reportedly fallen victim to a hack. According to the details from the security platform Cyvers, multiple suspicious transactions were identified. The suspicious transactions involved their multisig wallet on the Ethereum network.  Key points: Indian crypto exchange WazirX reportedly hacked. Cyvers identified multiple suspicious transactions from its multisig wallet. A……

July 18, 2024

Cardano Co-Founder: Vote for Biden Is a Vote for Death of US Crypto Industry

Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson has put out a tweet in response to Vitalik Buterin’s thoughts on pro-crypto candidates.  Hoskinson’s view was quite opposite to that of Vitalik, who released a blog post against choosing your political allegiances based on who is pro-crypto. Key points: Vitalik Buterin released a blog post against choosing pro-crypto political leaders…….

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