Overview of GSD Capital; AI powered Investing

Phil Hall
Phil Hall

Introduction to GSD Capital

Everything related to AI is hot news these days. And the the potential for artificial intelligence continues to slowly seep into every aspect of our lives.

But at GSD Capital, there is nothing slow about their use of AI! In fact, it’s one of their main selling points! GSD Capital is a quantitative hedge fund that pioneers the use of AI-driven trading strategies to help guide their investments in global commodity, currency, and crypto markets.

Integrating artificial intelligence with a team of experts, GSD Capital has burst onto the investment scene, providing their clients with regular, monthly returns on their investments.

GSD Capital currently holds over $1 billion worth of customer assets and continues to grow and expand.

Overview of GSD Capital

Launched in 2019, GSD Capital is based in London, England and offers fully managed investment services to clients around the world. This includes a Standard Investment Account (SIA) for entry level, individual investors, and the Accredited Investment Account (AIA), designed for accredited investors who wish to make large investments. Both account types have seen major growth over the past year and since their inception in 2021.

Expected monthly returns for these accounts run from an estimated 8% to 15% based on professional projections and historical performance records. Returns compound monthly, and GSD Capital takes 0.5% of any gains. GSD Capital currently holds over $1 billion in client assets under management.

The team at GSD Capital includes a large cohort of quantitative researchers, of whom over 60 hold PhDs. These researchers work with the AI to develop complex, automated trading algorithms. These models are analyzed and tweaked on a daily basis to provide the best returns.

GSD Capital is authorized to provide investment management services under the regulatory framework of the Bank of England and Financial Services Act 2016 and their services are available to investors worldwide.

GSD Capital Investment Principles

Three basic investment principles guide the trading strategies and philosophy at GSD Capital – algorithmic trading, inter-bank lending, and investor protection.

Algorithmic Trading

GSD Capital features pioneering AI-powered trading strategies paired with a dedicated team of trading and technology experts.

The AI technology used by GSD Capital is a combination of deep learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning algorithms for trading. Using AI-enabled automation, GSD Capital aims to profit from short term momentum and volatility with their proprietary AI trading machines. 

Additionally, these AI helpers analyze millions of data points and historical trends to execute trades at optimal pricing and make predictions on future price movements. GSD Capital uses every trading result for reinforcement learning, so that the algorithms are always adapting and improving.

Inter-bank Lending

Financial institutions in need of liquidity can turn to GSD Capital for funds. With complex algorithms guiding the process, GSD Capital is able to earn safe, daily returns using this investment strategy.

Investor Protection

Investor protection is an important aspect of the services offered at GSD Capital. With regulatory guidelines in place, GSD Capital holds client assets with insured custodians and keeps them separated from company funds. Quarterly risk analysis is run on the trading practices by a team of independent auditors. This ensures that their investment strategies remain low risk and generally safe.

They also hold a $2 billion insurance policy against malicious loss of client assets.

Returns on the SIA and AIA funds at GSD Capital

Getting Started with GSD Capital

GSD Capital is available to investors worldwide. With a minimum investment of $10,000 for the Standard Investment Account, and $500,000 for an Accredited Investment Account, anyone can join and start earning today.

All clients have access to the Investor Dashboard. This Dashboard allows clients to see their returns in real-time and also make account requests.

GSD Capital’s investment services make a good fit for all types. Whether you’re a serious investor or just someone wanting to stock away some funds for retirement that will continue to grow over time.

If you’re interested in investing with GSD Capital, getting started is easy. All you need to do is head over to their registration page and fill out some basic information. Then, provided you enter all of the information correctly, GSD Capital should have your account set up in no time, ready for you to invest!

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