October 10, 2022

Billionaires, Bitcoin, and Blockchains

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This is how we’re kicking off the week:

  • 4 billionaires talk about Bitcoin & Blockchains…

  • Tobias Lütke (CEO of Shopify) is betting big on crypto

  • Quick Bites

  • Meme of the day


All-In is one of our favorite podcasts – it's basically 4 billionaires sharing their thoughts on what's going on in the world every few days.

And in this episode, they went all in talking about Bitcoin.

Everyone knows the rules: Never let a fellow Roader listen to a 90 min podcast when you can get the summary in 90 seconds.

Here were the top 3 takeaways:

1/ Bitcoin = Separation of money and state

For hundreds of years, there’s been this concept around the world…Separation of Church & State.

It’s the idea that governments aren’t allowed to force religion onto people, or even promote it.

But you know what governments can enforce & promote? Fiat currencies.

The All-In guys argue that Bitcoin can be a solution to that. It’s the separation of money & state.

  • Bitcoin is not controlled by a centralized government.

  • Bitcoin can’t be infinitely printed

And we’re seeing people around the world turn to Bitcoin because of this. It's slowly becoming an antidote to inflation, all caused by governments printing fiat currencies whenever they want.

*Cough* Jerome Powell *cough*

Where does all this money printing happen anyways? Staples? UPS?

2/ Real-world assets can be put on a blockchain

You can think of the blockchain as a view-only excel sheet for the entire history of transactions.

And the All-In guys argue that there is no reason why every single piece of land around the world won’t be written onto the blockchain.

It lets people easily:

  • Track the history of owners

  • Sell & trade the land

  • Financalize the land – borrow against it, split it up into multiple plots

And it doesn’t just stop there. DeFi makes it possible to put every real-world asset on-chain…

Your homes. Your jewelry. Your art. Maybe even your career?

And you’d be able to monetize it all.

3/ Bitcoin critics fail to understand one thing: the underlying technology

Pop Quiz: What do Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and Howard Marks all have in common?

All legendary investors. None are technologists. 

They all hate Bitcoin but they’re like my grandma that asks me what channel Netflix is on her TV.

And they fail to understand one thing: the tech. Bitcoin is the first digital asset with limited copies.

  • There will only ever be 21m Bitcoin

  • No central authority can ever make more

  • So far, it’s been impossible to duplicate or double-spend Bitcoin

But there is one thing that needs to happen for Bitcoin to become a globally accepted currency.

People need to BELIEVE in it. Don’t stop believing, hold on to that…

As long as people continue to believe in Bitcoin and buy it, the All-In guys believe Bitcoin can be money.

P.S. here's the link to the full episode if you wanna listen to the the whole thing.


Tobias Lütke is:

  • the CEO of Shopify

  • One of the top 20 richest Canadians in the world

  • One of the few that can pull off wearing a flat cap

And he's been betting big on crypto by:

1/ Buying Coinbase stock

He’s been buying ~$369k worth of Coinbase stock every single week since August 1st. He's buying $COIN stock like it was toilet paper during the pandemic.

Talk about conviction. 

2/ Hanging up NFTs in his living room

You thought NFTs were just jpegs on the blockchain? Think again.

Tobi hung up this NFT from Tyler Hobb's Fidenza collection. Right now the cheapest one is ~$125k.

Listen, if I had an NFT worth the price of a Lamborghini, I'm hanging it up as my feng shui too.


There’s one thing I can’t stand in crypto…

Those damn crypto addresses. They’re too long and impossible to remember.

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FTX and VISA have teamed up to launch a new crypto debit card. It’ll be available across 40 countries and will let users buy things using crypto.

Huobi Global, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Asia, has been acquired by About Capital, an M&A fund.

Mt. Gox Update: Creditors have until January 10, 2023 to choose how they want to receive their funds.

Brian Roberts has stepped down as OpenSea’s CFO. Uh-oh, are CFOs the wave of people to leave crypto?


That's a wrap, ladies & gents. Stay thirsty & see ya tomorrow!

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