April 26, 2023

🥛 Coinbase returns fire 🎯

GM. This is Milk Road, your ticket to crypto success. And we don’t even charge a service fee.

It’s Wednesday! Leggo:

  • Coinbase takes a shot at the SEC 🎯

  • ARK can’t get enough of $COIN 💰

  • BTC whale pays $5 to send $10M ⚡

  • Guess who’s hiring in Web3? 📝

  • A new memecoin just pumped 50% 🍪

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Another day, another Coinbase headline.

This time? Coinbase is suing the SEC. shots = fired

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Last year Coinbase filed a petition with the agency on if existing securities laws could apply to crypto

  • The SEC left Coinbase on “Read” but then sent over a Wells Notice last month

  • So Coinbase followed up with a lawsuit saying that they want a response to their petition and long list of unanswered questions

It’s like when your friend has been giving you the silent treatment, and your other friend has to become the messenger.

But there’s a lot more at stake here than just friendship bracelets

Why does this matter? Two reasons:

1/ Coinbase might be the strongest challenger to the SEC. They have a top-tier legal team and a history of complying with U.S. regulation.

They’ve been a crypto pioneer since 2012, too. And other notable folks in the space will probably voice their support for the company’s move.

2/ The SEC really is making things up as it goes along.  The agency has been throwing lawsuits around like hot cakes. Pair that with all the times Gary’s put his foot in his mouth, and there could be a happy ending for Coinbase.

And if there isn’t, there’s always Bermuda…🏖️


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*whistles* Gather round & pay attention, cause one of crypto’s biggest bulls just made a Major Money Move.

No, not Balaji… we’re talkin’ Cathie Wood & her ARK funds.

They bought over 157K shares of Coinbase ($COIN) valued at over $8.6M on Monday – AKA the same day Coinbase sued the SEC.

And she’s just adding to her $COIN collection:

  • ARK funds hold a combined 10.65M shares worth ~$596M. 

  • The investment fund bought 147,250 shares earlier this month.

  • It also purchased some in March, after the SEC slapped Coinbase with a Wells Notice…

…even while Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong himself was selling $COIN shares.

Plus, her funds’ cost basis is ~$240. Meaning she’s been buying from the top and is still doubling down.

Get you someone who believes in you as much as Cathie believes in Coinbase. 🌟

So what? 2 things:

1/ Cathie could be bullish on a Coinbase win against the SEC. We talked about why the company has an edge a bit earlier ^

2/ $COIN has recovered big-time this year. It rose from ~$33 in January to ~$55. Even without the SEC lawsuit, Coinbase could be on the up-and-up.

Don’t call it a comeback.


Listen y’all, sometimes we’ve gotta remember why we’re here.

It’s all about that financial inclusion & decentralization. You can see yourself out, cartoon jpegs…

Well, here’s a nice reminder of that: it cost just $5 for a BTC whale (big crypto wallet holders) to transfer 400 BTC in 1 instant transaction.

Yep, that’s right folks – they paid the cost of a Crunchwrap Supreme to move more than $10M.

So what? It should be this easy to move your own money!

We’re not saying crypto doesn’t have a high gas fee problem – nothin’ like paying ~$12 to send $36 of ETH. -_-

But with TradFi banks like Chase charging a flat ~$30 per transfer with $10K – $100K daily limits & days-long wait times…

I like my money transfers like I like my UberEats delivered: lightning fast. #notanad


Welcome back to Web3 Wednesday – where we shake up your hump day with the coolest jobs in Web3. No dress code required.

Here are some openings we found this week for all you roadies:

P.S. – Are you trying to hire in Web3? Learn how to get your open jobs in front of 250k+ crypto enthusiasts here.


A  new memecoin called Floki Inu was listed on Binance Monday & jumped 50%+. It’s sitting at No. 3 after DOGE & SHIB. Memecoins gonna memecoin

Ethereum DEXs saw the highest number of traders since 2021 last week. All those noobs tryna get rich quick off memecoins

Binance pulled out of a $1B deal to buy bankrupt lender Voyager’s assets. First FTX tries to save Voyager, then FTX implodes, then Binance steps in, then a court vetoes that, now Binance exits. What a ride

The ex-head of digital assets of Signature (shut down crypto-friendly bank) is joining a trust. He’s bringing 3 others that worked on Signet, the real-time payments network, with him.


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