February 9, 2023

🥛 Crypto exchanges, ASSEMBLE

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Binance & the Crypto Avengers

  • A feline felony

  • Hermès wins lawsuit vs. MetaBirkins NFTs

  • Alcohol and jewelry are coming to a metaverse near you


Trust in crypto is currently lower than a shawty in apple bottom jeans.

Binance wants to flip the script and rebuild the public’s faith in crypto by assembling a consortium of crypto exchanges, blockchain companies, and other players, Coindesk reported.


And the driving factor behind the formation, you ask? Why, SBF’s abuse of power and the contagion that FTX’s implosion caused, of course. It’s like microwaving fish in the break room, the stink just *won’t* go away.

Here are the group’s goals:

  • Proactively working with regulators around the globe

  • Proving the industry knows how to combat crime

  • Calling out shortcomings and bad behavior in the industry

And it won’t be helmed by Binance or CZ; instead it’ll “run in as decentralized a manner as you possibly can”.

We don’t know who else will be apart of the #Squad, but apparently others have already given their John Hancock’s.

Coinbase? Kraken? That you? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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The list could go on. But at its core, Learn is designed for anyone who wants to take the leap to explore uncharted waters.

At a self-moderated pace, you can jump into any and all lessons that interest you, interact with features in the simulation, and experience those satisfying “ah-ha” moments when you finally grasp important concepts.

As you may have heard, crypto wasn’t created to make you rich, it was created to set you free. And we like to think freedom is fun.


Everyone knows the rules: if the Prince of Nigeria hits you up, you better “run Forest run” your ass the other way. Well, now there’s a new scam you need to watch out for, and it includes… kittens

A Hong Kong fashion executive who thought she was adopting a kitten from Thailand lost $764,000 in an international crypto scam. Meowch!

The 58-year-old victim got in touch with the scammers on WhatsApp and was told that adopting the kitten would be free. All she had to do was pay for shipping and insurance…in Bitcoin.

When the fishy feline never showed up, the woman was told it had died in transit, but she could claim on the insurance. All she had to do was pay more money as an “administration fee”. 

Yeah, you know how this goes. 

In total the woman sent 40 payments worth nearly 3/4 of a mil to the unidentified scammer. No arrests have been made. And as far as we know, no kittens were harmed in the process.

CryptoKitties are far cheaper, friends.


The verdict is IN: Die Hard is, indeed, a Christmas movie. 

Jk, the jury reached a decision in Hermès’ lawsuit against NFT artist Mason Rothschild.

And the winner is Hermès. The jury ordered Rothschild to cough up $133,000 in damages to the ritzy fashion house. 

Quick recap: Hermès sued Rothschild a year ago alleging that his NFTs, which were based off of the company’s famous Birkin bags, 1) confused customers who thought the digital art was associated with the designer and 2) that they diluted the Hermès brand.

The whole enchilada was expected to set a precedent about how intellectual property laws apply to the virtual world and how much creators can base their work off other brands’ products. And now it has.

**Bangs gavel**


BHB is heating up. Nah, that isn’t the newest AI crypto token everyone is talking about… it’s those Billable Hours Baby. 

And it was another big week for the whales of BHB: trademark lawyers. They teamed up with some of the biggest names to help them secure new web3 trademarks. 

Here are some of the coolest ones:

  • Sam's Club filed trademarks that cover NFTs, blockchain software, cryptocurrencies, and brokerage & financial services

  • Nationwide filed trademarks that cover metaverse insurance and metaverse investment services. Nationwide is on your side, even in the metaverse.

  • Kay, Jared, and Zales all filed trademarks that cover NFTs, virtual jewelry, and virtual stores to try on the virtual jewelry. Every [virtual] kiss begins with K.

  • Marshawn Lynch filed trademarks that cover NFTs and other digital collectibles. Beast Mode 🤝NFTs

  • Jameson filed trademarks for virtual alcoholic drinks, an NFT trading platform, and virtual bars + restaurants.

What a time to be alive a lawyer.




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