December 13, 2023

🥛Forget prices, let’s talk use cases 👀

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Here’s what we’re serving up today:

  • Forget prices, let's talk about use cases 🤔

  • Graph of the Day: Will BTC’s cycle repeat itself again? 📊

  • Meet “Project Diamond” 🍪


There’s one question that will make every crypto investor tremble…

What’s a real-world blockchain use case?

Suddenly, it feels like you’re on the finale of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”… 

You try to clear your throat, but it feels like you’re trying to swallow a Rubik’s Cube… 

On the inside, your confidence crumbles like a cookie dunked in milk for too long – soggy and sinking fast…

It’s every crypto investor's worst nightmare. 

Well have no fear, Milk Road is here. And today we’re gonna show 3 ways the blockchain is being used today. 

Use Case #1: Blockchain 🤝 Supply Chain 

Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. 

(Fun Fact: The “Big Four” audit ~99% of U.S. companies in the S&P 500).

And now Deloitte is trying to use the blockchain to improve shipping logistics. 

  • The firm is using Kilt (a decentralized identity blockchain) to offer logistics and supply-chain services within the shipping industry. 

  • One of the services is called KYX. It's a combo of Know Your Client (KYC) and Know Your Cargo. 

  • Deloitte’s clients will be able to implement KYX to track their shipping containers and verify third-party credentials using the blockchain

This gets rid of all the extra paperwork from KYC certificates while keeping customer data transparent and secure via the blockchain. 

The best part? It’s already being implemented in the shipping industry. 

Hapag-Lloyd (a shipping giant) is using Deloitte’s KYX services on ~1.5 million of its shipping containers. 

Use Case #2: Blockchain 🤝Data Sensors

Bosch is one of the largest sensor manufacturers in the world. 

It makes sensors for everything – cars, kitchen applications, you name it. 

Now, Bosch is working on a new smart sensor that…

  • Can collect data on stuff like weather, noise pollution, seismic activity, and more.

  • Lets users earn crypto rewards by providing the data.

Here’s what the device looks like:

It’s an alternative solution that lets users provide data and earn rewards, without needing a centralized intermediary. 

And it’s all part of a growing trend called… DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks). It’s definitely something to keep your eyes on in the future. 

Use Case #3: Blockchain 🤝 Music (featuring Artificial Intelligence)

Music. Crypto. A.I. 

Some say these 3 things run the world right now…

Well, now all 3 are being remixed like it was an early 2010’s rap song. (ah, the good ol’ days).

Here’s what happening:

  • LimeWire (the OG music-sharing platform) is letting users create, own, and trade music using generative AI tools. The songs can be minted on the Algorand or Polygon blockchain. 

  • Disclosure (an EDM duo) is releasing an NFT collection with “unique variations” of one of their hit songs. Each variation is created by an AI-powered generative music engine that can be bought/sold on the blockchain. 

Not only can people create new music, but now they can own it and trade it for $$ on an open marketplace. Pretty cool.

Well, that’s a wrap for today’s use cases. Til next time, my friends!

Stay thirsty,

-The Milk Man


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Check it out. I saw this wild stat yesterday…

It shows how long it's taken Bitcoin’s price to go from its ATL (all-time low) to its ATH (all-time high) during the last few cycles…

If the trend continues, the next ATH should hit around October 6th, 2025 👀


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