August 2, 2022

🥛 July Recap: Winners & Losers

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  • July Recap: Winners & Losers

  • Nomad gets exploited for $190m

  • Weekly crypto funds report

  • Meme of the day


Well, ladies and gents, that’s another month in the books for crypto. You know what that means… we’re coming at ya with the biggest winners & losers for July.

Let's start with some of the winners. We got 5 of 'em:

1/ Ethereum – Big Vitalik and co had a big month

  • Finally scheduled the Goerli testnet. This is the final step before The Merge

  • Had their biggest conference – ETHCC. Vitalik mentioned Ethereum would be able to process 100k transactions per second by the end of its roadmap

  • ETH is up 58% this month

2/ Polygon – had a big month of partnerships and development

  • Some partners they locked down: Mercedes, Reddit, Disney, and Nothing (yes, that's a real company)

  • Announced zkEVM. If you missed our explanation on this, check it out here!

  • MATIC is up 94%

3/ Web3 Builders – over 90 companies received $1.7b in funding this month. Check out our latest funding round up here!

4/ Otherdeed – The Bored Apes land NFT collection released a demo for their upcoming game and became the fastest NFT collection to reach $1b in sales volume.

5/ The Milk Road Wallet – is up ~60%. Upgrading from the dollar menu this month!

And now, onto the Losers. There were a handful to pick from…

Biggest Losers

Graveyard of Crypto Bankruptcies. Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcies were crypto’s pandemic this month. Here are the companies that got infected:

  • Vauld – a lending platform that owes $400m to its creditors

  • Celsius – a lending platform that lost billions

  • Voyager – a crypto exchange with over 100,000 creditors

  • Zipmex – an exchange that lost $100m

  • 3AC – a hedge fund that owes $3.5b to creditors

But the biggest losers of the month… Su Zhu & Kyle Davies. They:

  • Lost billions in assets and went bankrupt

  • Bought a $50m yacht while defaulting on loans

  • Refused to cooperate with shareholders while on the run. They didn’t speak or even turn on their cameras during legal Zoom calls

Say hello to crypto's Dumb & Dumber of the Month.


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Another week, another hack. But this time, it was a little different. Get your popcorn ready, this one's a doozy.

What happened? Nomad got exploited for $190m. It was the 5th largest hack in crypto ever. Ouch.

But in the twist of the year, it wasn't actual hackers behind it… it was random people. Here's how it went down:

  • Someone found an exploit in a Nomad smart contract. But they didn't know how to drain the funds at once so they tried doing it in multiple transactions. Rookie!

  • People noticed what was happening and realized they could do the same thing by copying the attack.

  • All they had to do was find a transaction that worked, find & replace the other person's address with theirs, run it, and voila – free money!

The Nomad funds quickly turned into an open buffet. Here’s some live footage:

Now some people are looking to return the funds after realizing their wallets could be traced back to them.

Crypto never ceases to amaze.


The results for the latest Weekly Crypto Funds Report are in… there was a total inflow of $81m last week.

The 5th straight week of inflows.

Some of the highlights:

  • Bitcoin led the pack with inflows totaling $84.8m in July

  • Short Bitcoin Funds see outflows for the first time in 5 weeks. The streak is over!

  • Solana keeps rolling with inflows of $1.5m. It remains an investor favorite with YTD inflows totaling $114m

The biggest highlight: July was the strongest month of inflows this year – a total of $474m was invested by crypto funds.


How times are changing 🤣

That's a wrap for today folks. See ya tomorrow!

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