November 30, 2022

🥛Milk Road’s first recruit to DeGods founder

GM. This is the Milk Road. The daily crypto newsletter that is finger lickin' good. 

Gimme an 8 piece bucket with a side of Milk. That's all a Roadie really needs. 

Here's what we're serving up today: 

  • Frank from DeGods doxxes himself

  • We hear Samuel voice for the first time

  • Milky Memes


DeGods is an NFT project on Solana that minted on October 8th of 2021. 

Since then DeGods have: 

  • Increased floor price from 3 SOL on mint date to 600 SOL in August (equivalent to ~$23k at the time)

  • Bought a 3-on-3 pro basketball team and raised $7m from Jump and Solana Ventures

  • Done over 2m SOL (~$31m) in total sales volume

  • Even got Ice Cube to buy a DeGod 

The founder of the project is "Frank." And yesterday, Frank doxxed himself as Rohun Vora.

Who tf is this Rohun guy?  

✅ Did a TedTalk in high school where he watched a movie a day for an entire year. He actually ended up watching 456.

✅ Built a startup in college that was accepted into YC. Here's the application video

✅ Built a cool website called Bitcoin or Stupid Shit, that lets you see how much your dumbest purchases would be worth if you had bought Bitcoin instead. 

We tried to recruit him on day 1 of the Milk Road when DeGods had a floor price of 4 SOL. Now DeGods floor price is 370 SOL (~$5k) 🤯🤯

Instead of trying to recruit him, we should have just bought his NFTs instead. The Milk Road portfolio would look a lot better right now…

After Frank doxxed himself the floor of DeGods went from 290 SOL -> 370 SOL.  

Rumor is, if you drink as much milk as Rohun, you can be a successful NFT founder someday too.


We heard Samuel’s voice for the first time since FTX went boom. 

Yesterday, Tiffany Fong released a conversation between her and Samuel from November 16th.

We don’t want you to damage your eardrums with the bullsh*t coming out of Samuel’s mouth, so here's the best of the best from Tiffany’s recording.

  • Samuel donated to Republican politicians too, but only made Democratic donations public so the media would be more favorable to him

  • Said he didn’t know about the back door to Alameda and that he actually doesn’t know how to code

  • He again blamed lazy accounting and poor internal controls as the reasons for the bankruptcy

  • He is down to $100k in his personal bank account

Other than the 4D political donation strategy, the rest of this smells like my neighbor's lawn two weeks before it turns green.

How lazy and incompetent do you have to be to let a $10b accounting error slip through the cracks?

It’s almost like Samuel had the choice.

Should I go down like Enron, Lehman Brothers, or Theranos? 

He watched all the movies, read all the articles, and decided Enron was his favorite tragedy. 

Samuel also said “I honest to God believe that if I hadn’t filed for bankruptcy all users would be whole and withdrawals would be on.”

He is in more denial than my high school girlfriend. Sydney, it’s over. Don’t use the FTX collapse as an excuse to DM me just because I’m into crypto. 

If you just can't get enough of this story, Andrew Sorkin is interviewing Samuel at 5pm EST today at the New York Times Dealbook conference. The streaming link will be released on Dealbook's twitter.


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The new Forbes 30 under 30 Fraud section just came out. 

Seems like a fun squad tbh

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