May 23, 2023

🥛MILKBUSTERS: MetaMask & Taxes 🧐

GM. This is Milk Road. We’re that favorite pair of PJs in your drawer. We never go out of style.

It’s Taco Tuesday. Leggo:

  • Milkbusters: Can MetaMask Collect Taxes? 🧐

  • Who Wants Milk Road Swag? 🥛

  • STEPN Towards Mass Adoption 👟

  • Strike Goes Global 🍪

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Welcome back to another episode of Milkbusters – where we debunk crypto myths and misconceptions.

Today’s myth: Can Metamask (a popular self custody crypto wallet) collect taxes on your transactions? 

Let’s dive in…

What happened: Over the weekend, this image was going viral…


Everyone thought that meant Metamask could withhold personal income taxes if the government wanted it to. The claim spread across social media like wildfire.

Tweets with “🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨” + all capital letters + red underline = people lost their sh*t. 

So, is it true…?

The Truth: No, MetaMask does not collect taxes on your purchases.

That part of the Terms of Service doesn’t apply to MetaMask/on-chain crypto transactions. 

It only applies to sales tax that ConsenSys (Metamask’s parent company) has to pay on other products & plans, like subscriptions to Infura (Ethereum API) that developers pay for via credit card.


Milk Road Take: Do. Your. Own. Research.

And watch out for people online blindly spreading panic. Crypto influencers be lookin like:


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Some things just don’t mix:

  • Diet Coke & Mentos

  • Orange juice & toothpaste

  • Crypto products and the App Store

It looks like one of those is about to change…

What happened? STEPN just became the first Web3 app to integrate with Apple Pay.

Here's everything you need to know:

  • STEPN is a fitness app that gamifies exercise and lets users earn crypto for being active

  • In order to play, you need an NFT

  • Before this move, the only way to buy an NFT was with crypto. (AKA it was a nightmare for non-crypto people, like my Uncle Vinny)

  • Now, users can buy an NFT directly on their phones with Apple Pay. Instead of cryptocurrencies, users purchase Sparks (a new in-app currency. 1 Spark = $0.10)

No cryptocurrencies are involved. No crypto wallet is needed. Easy peasy.

Sounds convenient, right? A little too convenient…

That's because there's a twist: users that buy the STEPN NFTs with Apple Pay will pay 40% more than if they were to buy the same NFT with crypto.

For example, there was a STEPN NFT that went up for sale for $31.40, if you used crypto.

The same NFT cost $44.60 on the iOS app with Sparks (AKA using Apple Pay).

That's a 42% price increase. 

You know what they say – where there's convenience, there's a fat f*cking fee.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

On one side, convenience = more adoption and less headaches.

On the other side, convenience = more fees.

Which side will win? Only time will tell… 👀


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Strike expands to 65 countries. The BTC payments app is also shifting their HQ to El Salvador as they try to bring Bitcoin to the masses.

A Nevada man faces decades in prison after a $45M crypto scam. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… 

Gemini claims that DCG missed its $630 million debt payment. The next chapter of the Winklevoss vs. Barry Silbert saga. “I didn’t hear no bell.”

The Professional Bowler’s Association (PBA) is getting into NFTs. Wanna prove you bowled a perfect 300? Show us the pic NFT or it never happened.

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