January 5, 2022

Mr. Wonderful is now Mr. Crypto

In Today’s Email:

  • A new DAO Raises $10M Toward Buying a Golf Course

  • Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Backed Company Buys a Canadian Exchange

  • Coinbase CEO just got a $133m house!

A DAO Raises $10m to Buy A Golf Course

Here’s one major use case of DAOs today: strangers pooling money together to buy crazy shit.

A couple months ago, a group got together to buy a copy of the Constitution and raised $40m in like 2 days.

Now, LinksDAO wants to buy a $10M golf course.

The goal is to find a world-class golf club and the members can only access it by holding the NFT.

Is this a good idea, or just dumb? Well, today, you can go buy a $3,000/yr golf club or country club membership. It’s a fee instead of an asset. You can’t resell it, and you have to get accepted to get in. These DAOs turn memberships from fees into assets that you can resell, and don’t need permission from some admissions person to get in.

They raised $10m in a matter of hours. The constitutionDAO failed to win the bid for the constitution. Let’s see if LinksDAO can close the deal.

Meme Of The Day

Kevin O'Leary Backed Company Buys An Exchange 🦈

Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank is very active in the crypto space.

He’s an advisor and investor in Wonderfi, a Defi platform that offers the ability to get great yield on a savings account, ability to automate your investments, and the ability to buy and sell crypto.

And now, they’ve made an aggressive move into the Canadian market – by buying BitBuy and it’s 350,000 registered Canadian users for $210m.

Not only is Mr. Wonderful’s startup investment portfolio growing aggressively, (he recently said that 45% of his time is spent looking at new deals in the space), he’s grown his exposure to crypto from 3% in Q1 of last year to 10%+ now.


CEO of Coinbase Buys a $133M Mansion in Bel-Air

Call him the fresh prince, because Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) is moving to Bel-Air.

A few pics of the new pad:

OK the movie theater is nice. But is it just me or should a $133M house be a little more impressive? Not sure I’d want minimal when I’m spending max money.

And for fun, checkout his original post on hacker news when he was desperately looking for a co-founder.

When ETH hits $100k

GM, Say it back on Twitter!

– Shaan aka mr. seed phrase

P.S. Recent Funding News

OpenSea – $300M Series C at $13.3B Valuation – the largest marketplace for NFTs (eBay for NFTs). (Led by Paradigm and Coatue)

Metaversal – $50M Series A – a holding company that co-produces and invests in NFT projects and metaverse technology (Led by CoinFund and Foxhaven Asset Management)

Figment $110M Series C – a blockchain infrastructure and staking and application layer solution for token holders and Web3 developers (led by Thoma Bravo)

Arcade, $15M Series A – a DeFi marketplace and lending platform for financing NFTs, (led by Pantera Capital, Castle Island Ventures)