December 27, 2022

🥛 The Milk Man’s 2023 Predictions 🔮

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It's that time of the year again. 

The time of year where everyone whips out a crystal ball and thinks they can predict the future. 

And I get it. Everyone wants to be like Michael Lee. Aka the guy that predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series, 23 years before it actually happened.

Talk about a party flex. 

Unfortunately, most of us suck with predictions. Hell, the weatherperson lies to me every day about what the weather's gonna be like this week.

But that doesn't stop us from trying. Here are some of the most interesting predictions we've seen so far:

And now, the Top 4 Milk Road Predictions for 2023….

1/ It'll be another year without crypto legislation

Crypto is full of criminals exploiting normal people everyday – rug pulls, stealing customer funds, and misleading investors. 

What has the U.S. government done? Nothing. Zip. Nada. 

No legal framework or clear legislation for crypto companies to follow. 

No one in Congress can agree on any laws. It's like asking kids what they want for dinner – one minute they want chicken nuggets, the next minute they want ice cream instead. 

And the SEC seems to be more focused on keeping up with the Kardashians and fining other celebrities than charging the actual criminals. 

So, don’t expect any regulatory clarity next year. 

2/ ETH unlock gets pushed back

The Merge required Ethereum validators to stake their ETH to secure the network. 

The validators receive a 5% yield for their service. 

But, there’s a catch. Validators can’t unstake their ETH until the next network update. Which was supposed to be 6 months after the Merge. But now…

The Merge took years longer than expected and so will the next update. 

3/ ETH and BTC will lose another 50%

ETH is down 75% from its 2021 high, and so is BTC. 

It can't get much worse…. right?


Well, Bitcoin dropped 85% in 2017 and Ethereum dropped 93% in 2018.

We're predicting history repeats itself and more pain is on the way. 

4/ The first mainstream Web3 application will be a Web3 video game

DappRadar is a tool that tracks onchain activity such as DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming. 

In its "Top Blockchain Dapp" rankings (the Dapps are ranked by smart contract activity,) the top 2 dapps are Web3 games. 

In 2021, investors poured $4b into Web3 gaming.

In 2022, over $7b has been invested in Web3 games. 

Plus, more and more big names are entering the space – Epic Games, and the creators of PubG and Grand Theft Auto. 

There's more talent, more money, and more traction than ever in Web3 games. 

So it'll have its time in the sun in 2023.

You heard it here first.


We're harvesting for NFT losers today… 

It’s called Tax Loss Harvesting… selling your losers before 12/31 so you can write them off and slash 2022’s tax bill. 

Most NFT holders have at least one NFT  their wallet that isn’t looking so hot… 

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It doesn’t matter if you paid $10k for a rugged project or bought your friend's NFT that’s now worth nothing… you can still make money from those NFTs that tanked.

But you only have 5 more days to make your move!

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It’s not every day you make billions of dollars.

It’s also not every day you lose billions of dollars.

But the wealthiest folks in crypto have done just that.

Forbes made a handy dandy chart of the drops in fortune in 2022.

Here are some highlights:

1/ CZ: $65b → $4.5b

CZ, Binance’s head honcho’s, net worth is wrapped up nice & pretty in Binance.

  • He holds about a 70% stake in the crypto exchange

  • That was worth $65b back in March, according to Forbes

But now, that stake is valued at a paltry $4.5b.

He may have greased the runway of FTX’s downfall.

But he also isn’t immune to it and the contagion it caused.

2/ Samuel: $24b → $0

This one’s kinda self-explanatory.

You build up a company that you say is financially stable.

You grace magazine covers with your big, curly hair.

And have a net worth of a small country.

Then it all comes tumbling down and you move in with your parents.

You know. As you do.

3/ Brian Armstrong: $6b → $1.5b

He’s made it a point that Coinbase isn’t like the other girls.

It’s centralized, regulated, and stays in its own lane.

It wears Converse with its mini skirts. So alt.

But Armstrong trying to set it apart from other crypto players isn’t entirely working.

Coinbase’s stock has still hella dipped, along with Armstrong’s fortune.

4/ Winklevoss twins: $4b → $1.1b

Each of the Winklevii have had about $3b wiped from their net worth this year.

They chose to use Genesis as their lending partner for Gemini’s high-yield Earn program.

There are too many G’s, so to recap:

  • Gemini is the exchange that the Winklevii operate

  • Digital Currency Group owns Genesis, a crypto lender

That’s the same Genesis that lost money 1) after 3AC collapsed and then again 2) after FTX disintegrated.

Genesis owes Gemini $900m now.

That doesn’t do good things for the Winklevii’s fortunes.


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