July 14, 2022

Uh-oh! Celsius files for bankruptcy. What’s next?

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Here’s what’s cookin' today: 

  • Post-Inflation Day: What 9.1% inflation means

  • Celsius files for bankruptcy. What now?

  • CryptoPunks are soaring

  • Meme of the day

That's not all. 

Think of your money like a giant bowl of ice cream. 

Inflation is like turning up the temperature and slowly causing your ice cream to melt.

It's a tricky one. Because if you had $100,000 in a bank account. You'll go look and see $100,000. It feels safe. It's still there. 

But the $100,000 can't buy the same stuff it could last year. The number is the same, but the purchasing power has gone down. Like a cell phone battery that only lasts 4 hours even after a 'full charge'. 

If inflation is 9.1%, you'd need your investments to be >12% pre-tax, just to maintain purchasing power. Gulp


Celsius has declared bankruptcy. (Shocker)

The good thing is it’s a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means they’re gonna continue to operate, restructure their business, and try to pay off their debts. 

The bad thing is it doesn’t look like Celsius will be opening up withdrawals any time soon. 

Some experts out there like Danny Talwar (head of tax at Koinly) think this could be Mt. Gox 2.0 – where customers may not see their money anytime soon. 

Really sad, and will be a trustbuster for many people who are traumatized or scared off from crypto. 


Pop quiz: What asset class has created more millionaires than any other?

Answer: Real estate.

Today’s sponsor, LEX, has a really cool angle for investing in real estate.

What they do: make it easy to invest in real estate

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As a shareholder, you can get paid dividends flowing from the rent paid by the tenants. You can also earn tax-advantaged passive income and trade without lockups.

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Punks are up big. Up 64% in the last 30 days. 

Interesting. Stocks are down. Crypto is down. The overall NFT market is down…but the blue-chip NFT projects have been rallying. 

Last 30d (in terms of ETH):

  • CryptoPunks +64%

  • Bored Apes +29%

  • Moonbirds +61%

This is good news for The Milk Road – because we hold a CryptoPunk in our public portfolio. We're up a full 1 ETH right now. Drinks on us tonight! Everybody grab a straw, we're sharing a beer! 

A Punk even sold for $2.6M yesterday. It was the 5th largest sale in history, and the 32nd rarest punk out of all 10,000.

The buyer now owns 24 punks. Well done.


Vitalik's response: "I usually do literally say that."

And with that, a great debate has been started… What is the correct date format?

Vitalik says YYYY-MM-DD is the only way. He even speaks that way.

So we wanna know…What do you use and say?

Hit reply below to submit your response! We're gonna pick a few to send you a pack of Oreos (aka Milks best friend. and yes, it'll be the family size.


That's all for today folks. See ya mañana!

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A Review from the Road…

Inflation was "transitory", they said.

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