April 12, 2024

🥛 Weekly Recap: 3 big winners 🤑

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Here’s what we got today:

  • The 3 biggest winners of the week 🤑

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  • More Bitcoin ETFs could be coming soon 🍪


That’s another week in the crypto books! Let’s recap all the action with the biggest winners of the week. 

We got 3 of ‘em (plus an honorable mention)…

1/ Bitcoin Ordinals

Ordinals (aka Bitcoin NFTs) first launched back in Jan 2023. 

So when it comes to the NFT game, Bitcoin is still a baby. It’s supposed to still be crawling… but turns out this baby has been kicking ass and taking names. 

In fact, over the last week, Bitcoin had more NFT sales volume than Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Mythos… COMBINED. 

Not to mention… the top 3 most traded NFT collections this week were all on Bitcoin. (according to CryptoSlam)

The NFT rookie is putting up MVP numbers. 

2/ Toncoin ($TON)

Toncoin is a Layer 1 blockchain created by Telegram in 2018. 

It got a ton of hype and raised a whopping $1.7B in its token sale. (Fun fact: it’s the 2nd most successful ICO ever behind EOS – raised $4.1B).

Then, Telegram ran into trouble with the SEC (surprise surprise) and was forced to abandon the project. 

That’s when a group of developers decided to take Toncoin’s open-source code and pick up where Telegram left off. 

Fast forward to today…Toncoin has turned into a giant. 

  • $TON’s price hit $7.59 earlier this week – a new all-time high.

  • Entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. It’s currently sitting at #9 and is close to passing Dogecoin for the #8 spot. 

  • Fees and revenue have also skyrocketed recently. Daily revenue hit $125K on Monday – the second biggest day ever. 

3/ Base

Activity on Base has exploded this week: 

  • It had ~3M daily transactions every day this week. 

  • In fact, it almost had 2x as many transactions as any other Layer 2 yesterday. Base had 3M, while Arbitrum had 1.6M.

P.S. – Milk Road Pro is dropping a whole guide to Base (including the 5 biggest opportunities) tomorrow! It’s a certified banger, you don’t wanna miss it.

Honorable Mention: The ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’.

His government name is Christain Langalis. 

Under this roof, he’s known as ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’. And in 2017, he famously photo-bombed a Congressional testimony…

7 years later, Bitcoin Sign Guy is now auctioning off the sign! 

The crazy part? He’s already received a private offer for 5 BTC (worth ~$343,000). 

Don’t let your memes just be memes, kids. They could sell for the price of a house one day!


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It's Friday, which means the Weekly Rollup just hit Milk Road Radio—your weekly briefing on what matters for your crypto bags! 💰

  • Is the Bitcoin Halving priced in?

  • CPI & Macro

  • Uniswap’s Wells Notice

  • EigenLayer Mainnet, Base Frenzy, Ethena eUSD

And so much more… tune in. 👇

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Hong Kong could approve spot BTC and ETH ETFs as early as Monday. Some analysts believe the move could unlock up to $25B in demand from investors. 

Chainlink is launching a new bridge app to make transfers across blockchains safer. It’s called “Transporter” (Jason Statham not included) and will be available for Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and WEMIX.

WOO X has introduced 3 new indices linked to memecoins, Layer 2 tokens, and the top 30 cryptocurrencies. The new MEME index includes tokens like SHIB, PEPE, and DOGE, while the L2 index monitors tokens like MATIC, IMX, and OP.

Solana developers have deployed a ‘congestion fix’ to the test network. Finally! Solana might actually be usable again soon. 

Ether.fi inked a $500M deal with RedStone Oracles. Ether.Fi will dedicate $500M to help secure RedStone's data oracles, which are used to pass information between blockchains.

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