December 15, 2022

🥛 We’ve got BIG news

GM. This is the Milk Road and today we're gonna get right to it….


Hey everyone, Shaan here.

I hope you’re sitting down, because we have big news.

The Milk Road is getting acquired!

That's right. We got bought. Scooped up. Chugged down.

First let me say… this wasn’t an easy decision to sell.

Me and Ben spent hours and hours on phone calls debating if we should sell or not. We had so many late night phone calls, my wife thought I was having an affair.

I told her no, honey,… it’s worse. I’m thinking of selling my baby.

Because Milk Road really is me and Ben’s crypto love child.

We launched less than a year ago, and so much has happened:

  • Grew from 0 to 250,000 subscribers

  • Wrote 265 newsletter editions without fail (we did skip leg day a few times though)

  • Endless jokes, memes, and moments that made us laugh (like the time we lost $1M on Luna..)

So, what does this mean for you?

After all…there’s no Milk Road without YOU – the loyal readers of Milk Road Nation.

*cut to clip of thousands of people drinking milk and nodding*

The newsletter will stay the same. Short, funny summaries of daily crypto news.

Actually I lied.

It won’t stay the same…it’s getting better.

The new guys who own Milk Road (cool guys, more on them below) have deeper pockets, and want to invest way more into making Milk Road better:

Our goal is for Milk Road to be the most widely used & trusted place for info in crypto. And we think this was the right move to make that happen.

OK OK.. cut the crap…are you guys selling out? Do you hate crypto now?

Did we sell? Yes.

Did we sell out? No.

We’re both still involved. But now we get to focus on just the two things we love to do (strategy & content) – and the new owners Mike & Kendall get to do all the actual hard work.

I’m joining their board. And we both re-invested some of the cash back into the company so we can keep a good chunk of equity ownership.

Who are the new owners? And what are their intentions with my daughter?

Don't worry we questioned their intentions like we were Martin Lawrence and Will Smith from Bad Boys (The original, the second, and For Life).

Mike & Kendall are awesome guys. They’re crypto OGs, who have built big internet companies before this. Mike built one of the internet's biggest eCommerce sites for gold investors (JMBullion). He did it for gold, now he’s doing it for digital gold.

Kendall did the same in sports betting, and is a big crypto & NFT whale.

They own a bunch of popular crypto sites (like,,, etc.) and now Milk Road is going to be the main brand for the company.

To be honest, these guys are way better operators than we are. We've gotten to know them and see how they work… it's impressive. Our baby is in good hands.

So yea, that’s the news.

Cat’s outta the bag. Cow’s off the road.

Thank you to everyone for reading every day. It’s been an absolute pleasure losing money in the crypto markets with you this year.

From Day 1,

Shaan & Ben


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