Earnifi Helps Ethereans Claim Forgotten Airdrops

Feb 12, 2021

EarniFi is a nifty new tool that aggregates all known airdrops and POAP tokens on one page. Users can visit Earnifi, input their wallet address and see immediately if they are eligible for any airdrop rewards that they may have forgotten to claim.

Earnifi was created by DeFi Dawson – youtube content creator and avid Ethereum Developer. The project was recently an on-stage finalist at ETHglobal, in both rounds of judging, a judge claimed $5,000 or more in airdrops using Earnifi.

In just the first 36 hours of launch, Earnifi has already helped DeFi users claim over $50,000 in forgotten airdrop rewards. This number is likely to increase rapidly with the rising number of DeFi protocols that look to airdrop their native protocol tokens as a way to bootstrap their initial community.

Popular DeFi projects like UniswapMirror Protocol1inchBadger, StakeDAO, and others have all utilized to some degree this last year. There is no doubt that many wallet owners are unaware of the rewards that may be sitting dormant, waiting to be claimed.

Dawson has even added a feature that can notify users of new airdrops associated with their provided wallet address by email. Never miss an airdrop again!

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