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  • May 18, 2023
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8 Best Crypto Newsletters May 2023

Crypto newsletters have been popping up alongside the explosive growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. These weekly and sometimes daily newsletters bring the latest Web3 and blockchain news, trends, financial insights, and the occasional meme right to your inbox.

Many of these web3 newsletters provide price updates, chart analysis, expert opinions, technical insights, and community news, which crypto enthusiasts use to make informed decisions. They also provide a valuable marketing opportunity for those who offer crypto-related services and products.

Here are some of the best crypto newsletters that can help you stay on top of the markets, in the know, and give you a laugh every now and then:

  • Milk Road: (Yeah, we put ourselves first for the best newsletter on crypto. Can you blame us?) Best for the smart person interested in fun, witty, smart crypto takes, and Web3 news.
  • Defiant: Best DeFi newsletter for enthusiasts looking for news, education, and financial insights.
  • Bankless: Best for crypto-finance enthusiasts looking to gain an investing edge.
  • The Pomp Letter: Best for crypto-curious investors interested in learning from industry experts and thought leaders in the space.
  • Messari's Unqualified Opinions Newsletter: Best for investors and data nerds interested in data-driven takes on news and trends in the crypto industry
  • CoinDesk The Node: Best blockchain newsletter for broad-market crypto news, blockchain-specific news, and legislation.
  • Bitcoin Magazine Pro: Best Bitcoin newsletter for happenings in the economy, federal reserve, and Bitcoin mining.
  • Blockworks Daily: Best topical crypto newsletter for macro-economy, legislation, and crypto personalities.

1. Milk Road

Number of SubscribersOver 265,000
Curator/DistributorDiego Salinas, Katie Canales
ContentWitty, casual insights on the latest news and trends in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Web3.
Subscription TypeFree
Start DateDecember 2021

What We Cover

The Milkroad crypto newsletter

We're witty, we're funny (at least that's what my mom tells me), and we break down the most interesting crypto news every day.

The best part - this newsletter makes the Web3 and blockchain sectors make sense for everyone.

Milk Road presents the daily cryptocurrency news in a fun, personalized and conversational tone that takes just five minutes to read. We also offer our insights into these stories alongside funny memes and a Vitalik Buterin “Pic of The Day.”

How We Set Ourselves Apart

Our branding, for one thing. It’s quirky, approachable, and lets readers know that we don’t take ourselves or this crypto stuff too seriously.

Our mascot, the Milk Man, leads readers through the email’s main segments like Milkbusters (Busting crypto-myths and misconceptions on the daily), Quick Bites (Top daily news headlines), and The Meme of The Day.

This cryptocurrency newsletter feels personalized, with our curators adopting a transparent approach in our emails focusing on community. Reader feedback is highly regarded, and we encourage readers to vote on how we did at the end of every newsletter.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Crypto enthusiasts and investors Shaan Puri and Ben Levy are the founders of Milk Road. Shaan has hosted My First Million, a top-rated business podcast, for over two years while building a strong Twitter following. Diego Salinas, Katie Canales, and Matt Pearlstein are the current writers for the daily edition.

Did we mention that it's free to subscribe?

2. The Defiant Newsletter

Number of SubscribersOver 185,000
Curator/DistributorCamila Russo
ContentDeFi, cryptocurrencies, and investing
Subscription TypePaid
Subscription Cost$15/month or $108/annually
Start DateJune 2019

What They Cover

The Defiant Newsletter

Defiant is one of the best crypto newsletters for DeFi. This weekly newsletter analyzes significant Decentralized Finance (DeFi) developments. Stay informed in the fast-moving, cutting-edge worlds of finance and crypto. Additionally, The Defiant offers insights on NFT, Web3, and the Open Economy.

The Defiant newsletter offers a 14-day free trial.

How They Set Themselves Apart

The Defiant newsletter sets itself apart by focusing on DeFi. Learn how to get started in the DeFi space and discover the latest Decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols as they become available. Emerging investment opportunities in DeFi are also highlighted regularly through exclusive interviews with founders and thought leaders in the space.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Camilla Russo, a former Bloomberg reporter, is the Defiant newsletter's curator. She became intrigued by Ethereum while in her previous position and wrote a book, "The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet With Ethereum."  The book launch coincided with the DeFi boom in 2019. She realized she had a unique perspective on Ethereum and DeFi, so she started the newsletter to offer insight into that aspect of finance and crypto.

3. Bankless

Number of SubscribersOver 300,000
ContentCrypto news, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and open finance
Subscription TypeFree
Subscription Cost$0

What They Cover

Bankless crypto newsletter

The Bankless weekly crypto newsletter is a definitive resource for information on well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as NFTs and DeFi news. The weekly mailing offers readers insights into the crypto market and its underlying technology while providing them with financial knowledge that offers an investing edge.

The Bankless crypto newsletter is free, and they've also got a killer crypto podcast.

How They Set Themselves Apart

Bankless stands out for the variety of features they offer subscribers. Aside from the weekly newsletter, they feature daily news highlights, podcasts, and videos. The goal: to help readers become confident in navigating the complex world of digital assets.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman co-founded Bankless. Ryan is a crypto investor and writer whose love for digital assets fuels his dream of a world without banks — one in which people have more control over their own money. On the other hand, David is the former COO of RealIT, a tokenized real estate platform, and Co-Host of the POV Crypto podcast. They run the Bankless content studio, which oversees the newsletter, podcast, and YouTube channel.

4. The Pomp Letter

Number of SubscribersOver 254,000
Curator/DistributorAnthony Pompliano
ContentTechnology, business, finance, and Bitcoin
Subscription Type1X per week: Free, 3X per week: Paid
Subscription Cost$19/month, $199/annually
Start Year2018

What They Cover

The Pomp Letter Crypto Newsletter

The Pomp Letter daily crypto newsletter focuses on business, technology, Bitcoin, asset tokenization, and the larger blockchain sphere. The daily inbox summarizes the latest news and trends while providing insight into the latest developments in the finance industry. Conversations with other industry experts are provided to help readers gain an edge as they navigate the constantly evolving investment landscape.

How They Set Themselves Apart

The stories and insights in the Pomp Letter are typically from the author's point of view. While an industry expert, the author regularly seeks the views of other thought leaders and influencers in the space.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Author Anthony Pompliano has earned a reputation in the cryptocurrency industry as an expert thought leader. He's well-known for giving accurate analyses and predictions of the crypto market. Meanwhile, he is an avid investor and entrepreneur who has built and sold several companies.  Pompliano oversees a portfolio of early-stage tech firms with a $500 million valuation.

5. Messari's Unqualified Opinions Newsletter

Number of SubscribersOver 200,000
ContentCrypto news, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and open finance.
Subscription TypePaid
Subscription Cost$29.99 / month, $299.99/annually

What They Cover

The Messari Unqualified Opinions newsletter

Messari's Unqualified Opinions newsletter gives well-researched and data-backed insights into trends and news within the crypto industry. It aims to provide data-backed information to help its readers make the right investment decisions. The team behind the daily emails comprises world-class researchers using on-chain data and sophisticated analytic tools.

How They Set Themselves Apart

Messari is one of the best crypto newsletters for research-backed findings. Research, data, and analytic tools are the core tenets of Messari's newsletter. All published stories are backed by data obtained from on-chain statistics. Discover what's happening with crypto protocols backed by numbers and solid data.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Renowned crypto data and research provider Messari is behind the newsletter. While backed by a team of researchers, the insight given in Unqualified Opinions is that of author Ryan Selkis. Ryan also doubles as the CEO and co-founder of Messari.

6. CoinDesk The Node

Number of Subscribers334,000 (all newsletters)
ContentBroad-market crypto news, legislation, blockchain-specific news
Subscription TypeFree

What They Cover

The Node crypto newsletter

CoinDesk’s daily-update newsletter, The Node, gathers the most important daily happenings in crypto without playing blockchain favorites. From Dogecoin to Ethereum to Bitcoin, The Node follows the crypto news wherever it leads.

Stay up to date on the latest crypto news for free.

How They Set Themselves Apart

CoinDesk offers several newsletters, each focused on a specific niche of the crypto market. The Node stands out as a highlight of the crypto’s top stories with context that explains why they matter. CoinDesk is a powerhouse in crypto publishing, drawing from the combined experience and resourcefulness of 16 well-known columnists and contributors.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Backed by CoinDesk’s resources and research, Daniel Kuhn, David Z. Morris, and George Kaloudis contribute to the newsletter, which shares some content with CoinDesk’s Consensus Magazine.

7. Bitcoin Magazine Pro

Number of Subscribers22,000
Schedule2-3 times weekly
Curator/DistributorBitcoin Magazine
ContentBitcoin, economy, federal reserve, legislation, Bitcoin mining
Subscription TypeFree/Paid
Subscription Cost$250/year

What They Cover

Bitcoin Magazine Pro newsletter

Expect an unrelentingly pro-Bitcoin stance and discussion of all things Bitcoin, from hash rates to pricing trends to big-picture macro. You'll also find discussions on the economy and regulation — viewed through a Bitcoin lens.

How They Set Themselves Apart

Co-founded in 2012 by Vitalik Buterin (of Ethereum fame), Bitcoin Magazine focuses on the Bitcoin side of the market while also considering how all the pieces of the crypto and economic puzzle fit together. You’ll find an in-depth analysis of the Bitcoin market and the factors that drive price and adoption. This team is made up of Bitcoin maximalists, so expect a heavy focus on Bitcoin, with other crypto projects only mentioned as a segue back to the main topic at hand: Bitcoin.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Dylan LeClair and Sam Rule pen the news and analysis for this newsletter on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Magazine Pro is an email newsletter, but the content is available on the substack page. Paid subscribers get extensive reports and exclusive research.

8. Blockworks Daily

Number of Subscribers160,000
ContentBlockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, macro economy, legislation, crypto personalities
Subscription TypeFree

What They Cover

Blockworks Daily newsletter

The Blockworks Daily newsletter chooses a single crypto topic to explore daily and delivers a quick take on crypto industry happenings you can digest in minutes. Is Ethereum any good as money — or is it something else? Blockworks explores the question. What’s the federal reserve up to with this FedNow thing? Blockworks discusses the possibilities. Each new day brings a new crypto topic to ponder.

How They Set Themselves Apart

Many newsletters try to cover several topics in a day — without keeping it light like Milk Road. Blockworks knows we’re not ready for all that in the morning. Instead, the newsletter centers on a singular yet timely topic each day, covering crypto current affairs ranging from CBDC privacy questions to questionable crypto exchanges.

Who’s Behind The Newsletter?

Jon Rice (Blockworks Editor-in-Chief and CoinTelegraph veteran) and Byron Gilliam contribute to the newsletter, bringing crypto-themed streams of consciousness and based takes on industry happenings to your inbox daily.

To Sum It Up

If you're looking for a crypto newsletter subscription, the list above gives you a solid starting point. Crypto newsletters make it easy to stay updated on the latest crypto news, cultural happenings, and investment insights delivered to your inbox. There's a newsletter out there for everyone, from beginners to seasoned crypto investors.

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