YouHodler Review 2024: Features, Fees, Pros, & Cons

Published: June 3, 2023   |   Last Updated: February 14, 2024
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Our Take On YouHodler


YouHodler is an established crypto lender and savings account provider in the European crypto market. With a wide variety of tools and innovative investment options, YouHodler is a great choice both for beginners and advanced crypto traders.


  • Easy design and user-centric experience
  • Mobile application
  • Varied product offering for traders and borrowers alike
  • Competitive yield rates on savings


  • Maximum loan term of 364 days
  • Not available in several countries, including the United States
  • High minimum deposit of $100 in fiat
Via YouHodler’s Website

As crypto-centric financial services are increasingly in demand, the hunt for the best investment platform becomes harder. In this review, we present YouHodler, a European platform founded in 2017 at the start of the global crypto craze.

The platform offers a wide range of crypto and fiat-backed services, and its mission is to “help people to stop passive holding and use crypto assets right here, right now.”

What Is YouHodler?

YouHodler is an all-around crypto-backed lending platform that allows customers to deposit and stake crypto funds and take fiat loans backed by their crypto portfolio. Additionally, the platform has an extensive crypto staking offering, with high-yield savings accounts available for numerous tokens.

YouHodler combines numerous tools, including crypto exchange capabilities and fiat top-ups, giving traders and borrowers easy access to a wide range of crypto-forward investments. From wallet services to crypto-backed loans and boosted yield rewards for staking, YouHodler covers the full range of crypto investment tools for beginner and advanced investors alike.

Minimum DepositMinimum WithdrawalAvailable Crypto TokensAvailable Fiat CurrenciesWithdrawal FeesDeposit FeesAPY RangePayout Frequency
100 USD/EUR/CHF/GBP, 5 USD in crypto equivalent500 for USD/EUR (SWIFT)/GBP, 50 for EUR (SEPA), 100 for CHF50+, including ETH, BTC, and SOLUSD, EUR, CHF, GBPBank wire fees per transfer: USD (SWIFT) – 1.5% (min 70 USD), EUR (SEPA) – 5 EUR, EUR (SWIFT) – 55 EUR, GBP, CHF – 0.15% (55 GBP; 15 CHF min)Bank wires – no fees, except USD SWIFT – 25 USD per deposit; GBP – 20 GBP per deposit, Bank card fee – 1% for the AdvCash wallet payment, 4.5% for the Bank Card paymentAs high as 9.5% on savings, As high as 365% on dual savingsWeekly

How Do You Use YouHodler?

YouHodler offers a wide range of services for borrowers and traders alike. The platform offers passive income opportunities for numerous cryptocurrencies like ETHBTCAVAX, and USDT.

Whether you’re looking to multiply your holdings or borrow fiat for your crypto, YouHodler has a product to offer.

As A Trader Or Saver

Traders can take advantage of YouHodler’s exchange feature to swap between different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform offers fiat top-ups, making it easy for users to add assets to their portfolio.

YouHodler also offers several saving options. From simple yield-generating wallets to more complex dual-yield pools, savers can use multiple crypto savings tools.

Saving OptionsAPR
Simple Savings InterestUp to 8.32% APR on select crypto tokens
Deposit Fees For Crypto0%


If you simply hold $1000 worth of USDT on YouHodler for 12 months, you will earn:

  • 6.67 USDT by the end of the first month
  • 20.14 USDT by the end of the third month
  • 83.2 USDT by the end of the 12th month
Trading on YouHodler

As A Borrower

Borrowing crypto and fiat on YouHodler is another of the main use cases for the platform. You can take advantage of crypto-backed loans with some of the best rates in the space.


If you are looking to borrow around $1000, you will need to put up about 1 ETH (or equivalent in other crypto) to back your loan. With the highest loan-to-value (LTV) rate of 90%, you will need to pay back exactly the same amount by the end of your one-year term. Of course, there will be a daily fee for servicing this loan, which in this case would be around $0.64 per day, bringing the total you’ll have to pay in fees to $233.

Borrowing crypto on YouHodler


You must not be a resident of one of the unsupported locations, which we’ll cover later in the article.

You need to pass the identity verification process to be eligible to fund and withdraw in fiat.

Loan Terms

  • The minimum loan amount is $100.
  • The maximum loan term is 364 days.


YouHodler offers a wide range of crypto-centric tools for both traders and borrowers. Whether you are looking to invest your crypto assets and earn passive income or want to take advantage of crypto-backed lending products, YouHodler has something to offer. Check out the complete list of features below.

Crypto Loans

Loan-To-Value (LTV)Daily FeePrice Down LimitAvailable Tokens

Crypto-backed loans are one of the most popular features on YouHodler. The idea behind this product is to allow crypto investors to take advantage of their crypto assets and take loans backed by their portfolio. This allows investors to hold their crypto portfolio intact instead of selling a portion of it when they need more crypto or fiat.

The way crypto-backed loans work is simple. You decide the amount of crypto you are willing to put up as collateral and choose the type of currency you want to receive in return. Importantly, YouHodler is not a peer-to-peer lender, which means your loan is approved instantly (after you’ve completed the platform’s identity verification procedures). YouHodler holds your crypto assets and lends you an amount of fiat or other crypto tokens.

The terms and conditions on crypto loans vary based on the currency you are using as collateral and depending on the loan currency and repayment period. Crypto loans are an easy way to get your hands on liquid assets without having to sell off a portion of your crypto portfolio.

Get a loan on YouHodler

Earn Interest

Earn interest on YouHodler

YouHodler’s staking opportunities allow you to passively earn interest when storing your assets on the platform. By simply keeping your assets in your YouHodler account you earn a passive income in the form of interest. This is one of the most accessible and easy ways to make your money work for you without investing any time or effort.

You can see the interest rate for each token in the wallets section of your YouHodler profile. Some crypto tokens have higher interest rates than others, but all crypto on YouHodler generates passive income paid out weekly. Importantly, the interest generated by your assets is added to your wallet automatically, meaning in due course, you are also earning interest on your passive earnings.


Turbocharge on YouHodler

Turbocharge is YouHodler’s boosted lending tool. While the Crypto loans feature allows you to create a simple loan term, Turbocharge gives you the opportunity to create a rolling credit chain backed by your crypto assets.

Importantly, with Turbocharge, you do not receive the borrowed money, but instead, the platform reinvests it for you by borrowing more crypto tokens and using your borrowings as further collateral. The goal of creating a Turbocharge chain is to buy more crypto assets with borrowed money instead of investing your own funds by creating a “chain of loans.”

This potentially allows you to purchase more crypto assets than you could have without the need to put up your own investment, solely based on your already existing crypto collateral. Combined with Multi HODL, which we will cover next, Turbocharge allows you to invest much more in crypto than you could have with a single investment from your own asset pool.

Multi HODL

Multi HODL on YouHodler

Multi HODL is another borrowing and interest-generating investment tool on YouHodler. While it requires a little more time on the part of the investor, it offers higher interest rates and yields compared to simply holding your assets on YouHodler.

While Turbocharge allows you to create a “chain of loans,” Multi HODL takes this concept to the next level. With Multi HODL you’re still borrowing funds from YouHodler, but you also get the chance to put long and short positions on the market with your borrowed funds. This added functionality allows you to potentially multiply your gains by betting for or against the current market conditions.

Importantly, if you are successful in gauging the market shifts, you can potentially repay your Multi HODL loan with the gains you make on your short or long positions.

Dual And Crypto Savings Accounts

You could use YouHodler as a simple crypto savings account, which generates passive income in the form of interest. However, there is also the Dual savings option, which allows you to combine two of your crypto assets in a pool and earn boosted yield rewards.

YouHodler recommends that you combine your savings account with Dual savings in order to boost your passive income rewards. It is important to note that Dual savings factor in the current price of the tokens you have put into the account.

For example, if you put BTC and USDT in a Dual savings account, every day, you will receive interest payments depending on the price of BTC. If the price is higher than it was at the time of setting up your account, you will receive USDT interest. If the price of BTC is lower, you will receive BTC. In any case, Dual savings is an easy way to boost your earnings, guaranteeing you interest payments even if the price of the assets you put into the savings account is falling.

Importantly, YouHodler facilitates these yield-generating pools with its own funds. The platform boasts increased security, as your assets never leave YouHodler and are not staked in outside DeFi platforms. The way YouHodler secures the high yield percentage is by banking on the volatility of the market, which enhances liquidity on YouHodler’s exchange. In short, the platform uses the funds going through its exchange services to secure the yield pools in the Dual savings functionality.

How Do You Get Paid On YouHodler?

Payouts on YouHodler vary depending on the services you are using. Check out the table below to learn more.

InstrumentPayment MethodPayout Period
Savings Interest PayoutAutomatically credited to accountEvery seven days
Crypto-Backed LoansAutomatically credited to accountInstantly
Crypto WithdrawalsWithdraw to crypto wallet outside the platformDepending on the blockchain processing time
Fiat WithdrawalsBank transferUSD, EUR (SWIFT) – up to 5 business days EUR (SEPA) – up to 2 business days GPB, CHF – up to 3 business days

YouHodler Fees

Deposit Fees

Deposit fees are charged to your account when you put assets into your YouHodler wallets. These apply to both crypto and fiat deposits, and there are variations in the amount of fees you’ll need to pay based on the type of transaction you are making. Check out the breakdown below.

Bank wire fees per transfer

Bank card fees

Cryptocurrency deposits

Stablecoin deposits

  • No fees
  • Exception: USD SWIFT – 25 USD per deposit; GBP – 20 GBP per deposit
  • Bank card fee – 1% for the AdvCash wallet payment
  • 4.5% for the Bank Card payment
  • No platform fees, gas fees apply
  • No platform fees, gas fees apply

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees are charged to your account when you want to take your assets out of the YouHodler platform. These apply to both crypto and fiat withdrawals, and the value of the fees is determined based on the withdrawal method. Check out the breakdown below.

Fiat Withdrawals

Bank wire fees per transfer

  • USD (SWIFT) – 1.5% (min 70 USD)
  • EUR (SEPA) – 5 EUR
  • EUR (SWIFT) – 55 EUR
  • GBP, CHF – 0.15% (55 GBP; 15 CHF min)

Minimum withdrawal amount for wire transfers

  • 500 for USD/EUR (SWIFT)/GBP
  • 50 for EUR (SEPA)
  • 100 for CHF

Crypto Withdrawals

Crypto withdrawal fees

  • Depending on the cryptocurrency
  • ETH – 0.003 ETH
  • BTC – 0 BTC
  • AVAX – 0.005 AVAX

Minimum withdrawal amount

Between 5 and 50 USD in crypto or stablecoins equivalent depending on the withdrawal currency

Exchange Fees

Exchange fees are charged to your account whenever you convert one of your assets into another. The amount of fees charged will vary depending on the assets you are converting, but there will always be a small fee for exchanging funds on YouHodler. Check out the breakdown below for more information.

Crypto to fiat exchange

0.4% fee

Crypto to crypto exchange

0.0002% fee

Turbocharge Fees

Turbocharge is an advanced loan mechanism on YouHodler that allows you to compile your loans together. There are some fees associated with this product, and they vary depending on the loan terms (LTV) and amount of time you have to repay your borrowings. Check out the breakdown below for more information.

Loan TermsTurbocharge Fees
55% LTV, 65 days3.2% fee
85% LTV, 65 days3.2% fee
85% LTV, 30 days2.1% fee
90% LTV, 10 days0.5% fee
Close now charge1% fee

Cryptocurrencies Available On YouHodler

Cryptocurrencies Available On YouHodler

Safety Features

Safety features of YouHodler

Staying safe and protecting your assets is of utmost importance in the crypto space, and YouHodler has made sure to include numerous safety features on the platform.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) – Two-factor authentication allows you to secure the login process on YouHodler. It requires you to include a trusted secondary authentication via phone or email every time you log in. This limits the opportunity for malicious actors to log in to your account if they have stolen one of your devices or gained access to your email.
  • Anti-phishing code – The anti-phishing code aims to bring you an increased level of security for your communication and correspondence with YouHodler. You get a personalized code that is present and visible in all emails originating from YouHodler, ensuring that you can recognize a phishing attempt.
  • Trusted devices list – Setting up a list of trusted devices allows users to prevent loss of funds in the case of password and email leaks and hacks. Managing a list of trusted devices ensures you completely control how your account can be accessed.
  • Security activity – The security activity feature allows traders to keep close tabs on all changes to their security settings. This is an essential addition to the list of security measures as it allows traders to monitor and spot differences in their security preferences or if someone else has been into their account.

YouHodler Compared To The Competition

YouHodler is among the first global platforms to support crypto-backed loans and investment tools. However, they have stiff competition out there. Check out the comparisons below to better understand where YouHodler falls in the grand landscape of crypto investment platforms globally.

YouHodler Vs. Nexo


  • Limited worldwide availability, excluding the United States
  • Generally offers similar, or higher, yield on crypto staking:
    • ETH – 4% APY
    • BTC – 3% APY
    • USDT – 8% APY
    • AVAX – 9.5% APY
  • YouHodler offers higher LTV rates of up to 90%
  • Higher minimum deposit rates – $100
  • Limited time for loan terms –  maximum 365 days


  • Available in more countries worldwide, including most of the United States
  • Similar APY on crypto staking:
    • ETH – 4% APY
    • BTC – 3% APY
    • USDT – 8% APY
    • AVAX – 8% APY
  • Nexo’s highest LTV rate is 50%
  • Minimum deposit for loans is $50
  • Unlimited time period for loan terms

YouHodler Availability

YouHodler is available worldwide except for:

  • USA
  • Unincorporated territories of the US
  • China
  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Bolivia
  • Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Morocco
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Russia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Qatar
  • Tunisia
  • Saudi Arabia

It is limited in:

  • Switzerland
  • Singapore

How To Sign Up On YouHodler

Step 1: Go To

Visit and click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.

YouHodler interface

Step 2: Fill In The Registration Form.

Select your country of residence, and fill in your email and desired password. Remember to read and agree with the privacy notice at the bottom.

Register for YouHodler

Step 3: You Are Now Logged In To YouHodler.

You can now see your YouHodler dashboard and all products and settings available on the platform.

Logging into YouHodler

Step 4: Head To The “Profile” Section To Complete Your Identity Verification.

Find the “Profile” section on the left, and click it to see your profile preferences and the identity verification panel.

Verify your identity on YouHodler

Step 5: Complete Your Email Verification.

Click on the “Verify” button in the “Email verification” section.

Step 6: Fill In The Verification Code Sent To Your Email.

Check the email you signed up with and fill in the 6-digit verification code.

YouHodler Review

Step 7: Complete your phone verification.

Click on the “Verify” button in the “Phone verification” section.

Step 8: Fill In Your Phone Number.

Find your country code and fill in your phone number, so you can receive an SMS code to verify your account.

Verify your phone number on YouHodler

Step 9: Fill In The Verification Code Sent To Your Phone.

Fill in the 6-digit code sent to your mobile phone to complete the phone verification.

Step 10: Continue To The “Account Verification” Section.

This is the section where you will need to verify your identity to get full access to all features on YouHodler.

Verify your account on YouHodler

Step 11: Start By Signing The Declaration Documents.

Read and sign the identity verification declaration documents.

YouHodler Review

Step 12: Fill in your personal information.

Complete the contract form by filling in your name, date of birth, nationality, and home address.

Step 13: Move On To The “Identity Verification” Section.

Click on the “Start” button to begin the identity verification process.

Verify your account on YouHodler

Step 14: Select Your Country Of Residence.

Choose your country of residence and the document you want to use for the verification process.

Select your country of residence on YouHodler

Step 15: Upload Pictures Of Your ID Document.

You will need to upload the front and the back of the document you’ve chosen to use.

Upload your ID documents to YouHodler

Step 16: Take A Selfie.

YouHodler requires you to take a selfie for the verification process. You can do that with your computer camera or on your mobile phone.

Confirm your identify on YouHodler

Step 17: Wait For The Software To Complete This Part Of The Verification.

You might need to wait several minutes for this part of the verification process to be completed. After this, you will see the “Verification is complete” screen.

Verify identity on YouHodler

Step 18: Head To The “Address Verification” Section.

At this step, you’ll be required to verify your residential address. Choose your country of residence and check out the list of accepted documents below.

Verifying identify on YouHodler

Step 19: Upload The Necessary Documents.

Once you’ve decided how you want to prove your residential address, upload the necessary documents.

Uploading documents to YouHodler

Step 20: Wait For The System To Complete The Check.

This step might take a while, as YouHodler needs to verify that the submitted documents prove your residence address. You can check the status of your address verification at any time by going to the same section on the website.

Verify your identity on YouHodler

Step 21: Verification Complete.

Once YouHodler has reviewed your documents, you will be notified that the verification process is complete. You can now take advantage of the full range of products and functionalities on YouHodler.

Verify your identity on YouHodler

How To Trade On YouHodler

Trading on YouHodler is easy, and in just a couple of clicks, you will be ready to explore all trading functions on the platform. Check out the steps below to help you get started as a trader on YouHodler.

Step 1: Go To Your YouHodler Wallet.

You can deposit both fiat and crypto funds in your YouHodler account. To do that, head to your wallet tab on the top right of the screen and select the currency you would like to deposit.

Trading on YouHodler

Step 2: Select The Currency You Want To Deposit.

You can deposit both fiat and cryptocurrencies to your YouHodler wallets. For crypto, you can deposit straight from another wallet or purchase it through services like Moonpay directly on the YouHodler platform. For the purpose of this example, we will use ETH.

Make a deposit on YouHodler

Step 3: Click On The Deposit Button On The Respective Currency.

Make sure to read the notices and deposit rules. Copy your YouHodler deposit address, and send funds to it from another wallet in your possession.

Deposit ETH on YouHodler

Step 4: Wait For The Transaction To Be Confirmed.

It could take a couple of minutes for the blockchain to process your transaction, so be patient. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to see your new portfolio balance on your homepage.

Confirming a transaction on YouHodler

Step 5: Start Trading.

Now that you have crypto funds in your wallet, you can easily trade them for other crypto or fiat or stake them to earn high-yield rewards. You can see the full list of available trading options on the token page of the respective cryptocurrency. Additionally, check out the Features section of this article to learn more about your trading options on YouHodler.

Trading on YouHodler


If you want to convert your ETH holdings to USDT, for example, you need to go to the convert section on your ETH page. You can use the slider to select the amount of ETH you would like to convert.

Convert cryptocurrency on YouHodler

Once you’ve selected an amount, click “Convert to USDT” and wait for the transaction to process. Make sure to take notice of the fees and the conversion rate, as these impact the overall value of your transaction.

How To Borrow On YouHodler

Borrowing on YouHodler is just as easy as trading. If you already have a crypto balance on the platform (steps on depositing funds can be found in the previous section), you can easily borrow fiat currencies against that balance. Follow the steps below to start borrowing against your crypto on YouHodler.

Step 1: Go To The “Loans” Section.

You can find all your current borrowings and add new loans to your YouHodler account in the “Loans” section of the platform.

Loans on YouHodler

Step 2: Create A New Loan.

To create a new loan term on YouHodler, click on the “+” sign on your left.

Create a loan on YouHodler

Step 3: Check The Loan Terms YouHodler Offers.

Depending on the cryptocurrency you are using as backing, YouHodler will offer different terms. Make sure to familiarize yourself with them before deciding how much of your crypto you would like to use as collateral. For example, for a USDT loan backed by ETH, there will be a 0.055% daily fee, and the maximum duration of the loan can be 364 days.

You also get information about the repayment deadline by which your borrowings must be repaid. Additionally, you can choose a suitable LTV range. The LTV range depicts how much is the value of the asset you used as collateral compared to the amount of money you borrowed. The higher the LTV, the riskier the loan and the fees coming with it.

Getting a loan on YouHodler

Step 4: Set The Amount Of Crypto You’d Like To Put Up As Backing.

Choose the amount of crypto tokens you’d like to put up as collateral. Keep in mind, you need to put up a value equal to at least 100 USDT for the loan to go through.

Getting a loan on YouHodler

Step 5: Do A Final Check On The Conditions And Click “Get Loan”.

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions and fees associated with your future loan. Once you’ve made sure you are happy with all of these terms, click “Get Loan” and set up your new crypto-backed loan.

Step 6: View Your Borrowed Assets In Your Loans Section.

You can easily manage your borrowings in the loans section of YouHodler. Additionally, the newly borrowed assets will be deposited in the respective wallet in your YouHodler account.

Final Thoughts On YouHodler

YouHodler is one of the leading crypto-backed financial services providers in Europe. With a relatively long-standing history in the industry, this platform has established itself as a reliable and trusted provider.

With a varied portfolio of products and tools, YouHodler offers something for everyone in the crypto space. Whether you’re looking to boost your passive income with staking or borrow money against your crypto, you can do that on YouHodler.

One of the main drawbacks of the platform is its limited range of operations when it comes to countries outside of Europe. However, if you are based in or around Europe, you have a pretty good chance of being able to enjoy YouHodler’s services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, YouHodler is a proven crypto financial services provider registered with the Blockchain Association Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association.

YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based company.

YouHodler ensures the safety of its customers with Ledger Vault advanced wallet technology and the protection of reputable European and Swiss banks for its fiat reserves. The platform also offers multiple additional ways for customers to secure their accounts, like two-factor authentication and trusted device support.

YouHodler is a regulated and registered company, and all of its operations are subject to European monetary law. The platform also complies with all Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS).

As a European company, YouHodler does not report your trading activity to the United States IRS. Each trader is responsible for filing their personal taxes and reporting their gains to the respective administrative body.

YouHodler is not available in the United States at the moment.

There is a YouHodler mobile app for both Android and iOS.

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