Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) – The World’s First Thermal-Sensing, People-Counting Data Miner

Matt Pearlstein

Introduction to the Dor Traffic Miner (DTM)

Recently, a lot of the buzz in the crypto space has been centered around real-world assets and physical infrastructure. And it comes as no surprise.

After a few cycles of speculation and volatility, crypto participants are starting to look ahead to legitimate use cases for our prized blockchain infrastructure. We touched on Constellation Network a few months ago and highlighted how they have positioned themselves to be at the forefront of scalable use cases. 

And now, they’ve just released a major update. Dor, a subsidiary that they acquired in 2021, has just begun selling its Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) hardware devices.

Breaking Down the Dor Traffic Miner (DTM)

The Dor Traffic Miner is a battery-operated hardware device that you can place in any doorway, anywhere. To take it a step further, it’s the world’s first thermal-sensing, people-counting data miner.

And after a quick setup, users immediately start reaping the benefits. While you sit back and relax, your DTM collects foot traffic data and pays you crypto rewards in turn.

The DTM also acts as a lite node, so you’ll receive daily DAG and/or DOR rewards, depending on the product line, for running the device and registering it. 

Check out how easy it is to set one up for yourself:

The DTM Lite Hardware Device

The physical DTM device is what allows you to collect data from any location and earn rewards. It is equipped with a thermal sensor and micro-USB cable and can be easily mounted to any doorway. A component application featured on iOS and Android allows you to set up and manage your device, as well as track your rewards as they accrue.

DTM Lite Hardware Device

Specifically, the DTM Lite device is Dor’s standard offering and will cost you $500 on their website. 

Once you are set up, the DTM immediately starts collecting data and rewards:

1) The DTM device collects data and signs it to the Dor Metagraph and then to Constellation’s Hypergraph (layer 0 added security). (More on these below)!

2) Node operators and data providers (DTM owners) receive rewards for their respective contributions.

3) Analytics are shared with DTM owners and broadcasted on Dor’s block explorer.

The DOR Metagraph

Dor and DTM devices are tied together by the recently launched DOR Metagraph

Metagraphs are basically subnetworks, meaning they are specified networks that are carefully curated to fit the exact needs of different businesses. This allows businesses to incorporate crypto incentives and provide maximum transparency, all while maintaining decentralization.

And just like how subnetworks are built off of blockchains, Metagraphs are powered by Constellation’s Hypergraph. This positions it uniquely for maximum scalability, a wide range of use cases, and a focus on compliance.


Another component of Dor is the $DOR token, which governs the Dor Metagraph and unlocks the potential to incentivize more data collection. Not only that, it represents the first Metagraph token to be launched within Constellation’s ecosystem.

The DOR token serves four key purposes:

  1. Manage fee requirements for network usage
  2. Attract and incentivize a worldwide community of “datapreneurs” – those who collect and monetize data
  3. Required to host a node to validate the data collected from the DTM
  4. Support hardware and software tools for real-world data collection
  5. Provide exclusive access to device management tools, future hardware discounts, and gated forums

Dor Metagraph Explorer

To bring it all together, the entire Dor Metagraph can be examined in real-time through Dor’s block explorer.

This open ledger is similar to Etherscan and gives you a full picture of everything happening within Dor. After its launch on November 13, 2023, the Metagraph shows a lot of potential.

As of December 5, 2023, Dor’s Metagraph has already processed over 310K transactions. 

Additionally, there are over 500 sensor nodes currently active.

Purchasing a DTM

If you’re as excited about DTM as we are, look no further. Purchasing and setting up your DTM device is as simple as a few steps:

  1. Determine which DTM device is the best fit for you.
  2. Purchase your device of choice from Constellation’s Node Store.
  3. Physically set up your DTM device and start earning rewards from the validator reward pool.
  4. Track your rewards through the block explorer and directly in your wallet/supporting iOS and Android device.

Become a datapreneur today and diversify your portfolio through Dor’s unique DTM offering!

Matt Pearlstein
Matt Pearlstein
Matt found crypto in 2016 and left TradFi to go full time in the industry a few years back. He is deep in the weeds of DeFi and also likes to go to the beach and play basketball.

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    Matt Pearlstein Milk Road Writer
    Matt Pearlstein

    Matt found crypto in 2016 and left TradFi to go full time in the industry a few years back. He is deep in the weeds of DeFi and also likes to go to the beach and play basketball.