10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels & Influencers – 2024

A curated list of crypto YouTube channels & influencers who'll teach you about the industry.
Published: June 8, 2023   |   Last Updated: February 24, 2024
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Lydia Kibet
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If you’re a crypto investor or a beginner looking for information on the industry, crypto YouTube channels and influencers could be a great place to look. In this article, we review the top crypto YouTube channels of different categories, from the largest to the most viewed, best channels for beginners and investors.

Best Crypto YouTube Channels

Best YouTube Channels For Beginners

Below is our review of the best crypto YouTube channels for beginners. These seasoned crypto YouTubers deliver their content in a way their audience can understand, follow, and implement in each step of their crypto trading journey.

If you want to join the industry and need help figuring out where to start, check out these channels and capitalize on the free mentorship.

1. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau YouTube channel

  • Subscribers: 2.25 million
  • Area of focus: Education

Coin Bureau is another top crypto YouTube channel that beginners should watch out for. The channel primarily focuses on research and data, avoiding the crypto hype that other channels often offer. It delivers transparent, factual, and unbiased content on the cryptocurrency market.

Run by Guy Turner, Coin Bureau is the channel to follow if you’re looking for long-term crypto projects to invest in. This channel is great for learning about crypto projects focusing on DeFi, crypto trading, chart analysis, and Blockchain, with each of the 600+ videos lasting 20 minutes on average. They mainly cover the history of cryptocurrency, technology, competitors, and every other relevant topic that beginners would find helpful.

If you’re thinking of investing in the crypto industry, Coin Bureau has covered some of the essential topics you need to get started. It is a must-follow if you want to learn about crypto-insurance, trading bots, on-chain analysis, and more.

Most Viewed Videos

2. Benjamin Cowen’s Into The Cryptoverse

Benjamin Cowen YouTube

  • Subscribers: 780,000
  • Area of focus: Smart strategies for crypto investment

Benjamin Cowen is your go-to channel and YouTuber if you’re looking for a place to learn about market analysis and trading strategies.

What makes Cowen’s channel appealing to crypto newbies is how he employs a detailed and data-driven approach to sharing insights into the crypto market. He aims to help novice and expert investors and traders make result-oriented investment decisions.

In addition, Cowen leverages various technical analysis tools to help his viewers gain a broader understanding of market trends, patterns, and dynamics. His channel covers topics like individual cryptocurrency analysis, market trends, and strategies for long-term investment.

Most Viewed Videos

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Best YouTube Channels for Crypto Investors

The following are some of the best YouTube channels for investors. These fundamental analysis channels focus on crypto news updates, projects, and financial markets that may impact crypto prices.

1. The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor YouTube

  • Subscribers: 229,000
  • Area of focus: Crypto investment and risk management

The Modern Investor compiles massive volumes of content into easily digestible videos to keep you updated on cryptocurrency events. The channel posts daily videos to help motivate investors to hold onto positions even when the industry faces insurmountable challenges. If you feel discouraged after experiencing some lows, the Modern Investor will help you stay motivated with its positive outlook on the future of cryptocurrency.

Most Viewed Videos

2. Brian Jung

Brian Jung YouTube

  • Subscribers: 1.29 million
  • Area of focus: Use of crypto trading and credit and debit cards in crypto trading

Brian Jung’s crypto YouTube channel has more than 1.25 million subscribers and has been around since 2018. Brian is a well-known Washington entrepreneur with significant experience in the crypto space and considerable investment in the finance market.

His videos are educational and primarily focus on credit, debit cards, crypto, and personal finance-related news. He posts consistently, with several weekly videos talking about credit cards, the advantages of having various credit card brands, crypto market analysis, and his business portfolio.

Most Viewed Videos

3. Lark Davis

Lark Davis YouTube

  • Subscribers: 478,000
  • Area of focus: Ethereum, Wrapped Bitcoin, Binance Exchange, Crypto stock market

If you’re looking for a channel that gives a comprehensive analysis of crypto price actions and fundamentals, then Lark Davis is your guy.

Davis didn’t become one of the most popular crypto influencers and YouTubers by chance. He spent years mastering his craft, sharing his tremendous experience and expertise in the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

Lark Davis’ area of expertise is staking Ethereum for interest, purchasing Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), and using Binance Exchange. He compiles all these in easy how-to video tutorials, which he posts at least daily.

Most Viewed Videos

4. CryptoRUs

CryptosRUs YouTube

CryptosRUs is a channel dedicated to commentary on cryptocurrency. It’s a resource channel popular with crypto enthusiasts and investors seeking in-depth, expert insights into the lucrative yet ever-evolving crypto market.

What sets CryptosRUs apart is the host’s ability to tackle complex crypto topics and deliver data-driven analyses of individual cryptocurrencies and market dynamics.

CryptosRUs is where you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted about crypto: price analysis, best trading techniques, industry news, and growth-focused investment methods. The videos also offer valuable trading tips, hacks, and advice on portfolio management.

Most Viewed Videos

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Best YouTube Channels for Crypto News

If you’re a crypto investor, it pays to stay up to date on the industry news and trends shaping or affecting the market. And that’s where it’s advisable to follow YouTubers who are privy to these happenings and ready to share them with their followers.

In this category, we bring you the best YouTube channels for crypto news.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Crypto Bury YouTube

  • Subscribers: 12,700
  • Area of focus: Altcoins

With just 12.7k subscribers, Jacob Crypto Bury is not a household name. Rather, he’s more of a novice in the game but quickly creating a name for himself, thanks to his unique approach to providing a digital asset perspective on cryptos. His focus is an insightful commentary on the industry’s recent, present, and future happenings.

He tackles complex crypto concepts in easy-to-understand ways that resonate with both beginners and seasoned investors. Jacob’s videos cover diverse topics, including technical analysis, trading strategies, and recent innovations in blockchain technology.

Lastly, Jacob helps investors understand the market performance of various cryptocurrencies, plus insights on which assets to invest in. He also has a Discord, where like-minded individuals connect.

Most Viewed Videos

2. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins YouTube Channel

99Bitcoins is another popular YouTube channel in the cryptocurrency niche. It has over 700k subscribers, focusing mainly on Bitcoin. This channel provides its viewers with educational content touching on currency and mining. Their videos, most of which contain a lot of industry news, are uploaded weekly.

99Bitcoins is owned by Ofir Beigel, a crypto YouTube influencer who explains cryptocurrencies in simple terms so beginners can easily understand. It’s the must-follow channel for beginners and investors who want it all in one place.

Most Viewed Videos

3. Kitco News

Kitco News YouTube Channel

As the name implies, Kitco News is a news channel. It revolves around the crypto market dynamics, financial news, trade secrets, and several similar topics. It’s run and hosted by a team of crypto journalists, financial analysts, and experienced crypto traders. That means Kitco News content is backed by the combined experience of several crypto professionals, each with considerable knowledge of the cryptocurrency space.

They cover more than just market analysis and price trends. The team behind this channel goes a step further in hosting and interviewing industry experts to ensure that viewers receive a wide range of insights on the crypto industry.

In addition, the team incorporates interactive charts and graphs in their data-driven analyses making Kitco News one of the most resourceful YouTube channels for investors.

Most Viewed Videos

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Benefits Of Following Crypto YouTube Channels

Here’s how you benefit from following the best YouTube channels in the cryptocurrency space:

  • Learn about crypto topics: If you’ve wanted to join the crypto industry but need help knowing where to start, following established YouTube channels in this niche can give you a headstart and long-term mentorship from experts with real-life experience.
  • Learn about new projects: Are you thinking of building or developing a blockchain-based technology from scratch? These platforms are your go-to resources for success.
  • Learn about crypto trading strategies: Crypto trading is a complex process that you can hack successfully with someone to show you the ropes. Following crypto YouTuber influencers is one way to go about it–for free.
  • Learn about crypto products and services: These video clips cover everything from currency exchanges to trading platforms. Following those channels is like signing up for premium yet free crypto training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guy Turner, founder of the popular channel Coin Bureau is one of the most reputable crypto YouTubers. His focus is providing educational content touching on every aspect of the cryptocurrency world.

BitBoy Crypto is the best crypto trader on YouTube. With over 1.44 million subscribers, the Ben Armstrong-founded channel provides the latest news on cryptos, trading advice, and project reviews. They also upload at least four videos daily, which is higher by most standards.

Crypto Casey, founder of Crypto Cassey, Caitlin Long, creator of Avanti Financial Group, and Crypto WendyO are among the most influential female YouTubers in the cryptocurrency space. Their channels focus on in-depth crypto market analysis, conventional banking services to the cryptocurrency sector, live streams, exclusive interviews, and how-to content.

Adrián Sáenz, a channel that focuses on Online Business, Finance, Investments, and Cryptocurrency, is one of the best YouTube channels in the Spanish language. Others include Zartex, Diario Criptio, Criptoniano, FranX73, and Tech con Catalina, which educates people on Social Media about Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies.

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