Andrew Cahill

Andrew Cahill

Data Analyst
Andrew previously was a Research Director at The Block; a crypto media and research company. Prior to that, he was a Research Analyst at Fundstrat; an investment research firm.

February 1, 2024

Best Crypto Tax Software 2024

This page contains all of the information you need to know about crypto taxes. We cover how different types of transactions are taxed, how to choose the right tax software and important terminology you may come across. Lastly, we compare a group of the most popular tax softwares....

June 11, 2023

ERC721-C NFTs Explained

ERC721-C NFTs explained after going live in May 2023. Including how to buy ERC721-C tokens, which markets support them, and how they will affect NFT royalties....

May 23, 2023

What Is Blur’s NFT Lending Protocol, Blend?

Key Points Blur Lend (“Blend”) is a new NFT lending protocol for the Blur NFT platform. It lets users take out ETH loans against NFT collateral or borrow ETH (i.e., buy now and pay later) to purchase NFTs on the Blur marketplace. The protocol went live on 5/1/2023. Blend loans are currently supported across 3 NFT collections (Azuki, Cryptopunks, Miladys)......

May 2, 2023

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade – What it Means For Staking ETH

Key Points Since Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade on April 12th, the total amount of ETH staked has decreased by ~450K (~2% decline in total ETH staked). Another ~490K ETH is slated to be withdrawn over the coming weeks. But it is unclear how much new ETH will be staked and thus offset these impending withdrawals. The......

April 1, 2023

zkEVMs: Shaking Up The Ethereum L2 Landscape

You’ve probably heard the term “zkEVM” a lot. Historically, we’d classify it as an abused marketing term that was best ignored. But now it’s probably worth paying attention to. Here’s why. zkEVM: From Imagination to Implementation To date, the zkEVM discourse has been laden with “announcements of announcements.” But zk-Rollup dev orgs are starting to......

March 31, 2023

Can Blur Find A Path To Sustainability?

Launched in October 2022, Blur has shot up the ranks and become the #1 trading platform for NFTs by volume. Over the past 4 weeks, it’s seen ~$1.1B worth of NFTs traded on its platform vs. OpenSea’s ~$270M. That’s ~4x more than OpenSea - a company that was valued at $13B in its most recent funding round. Milk Road & Dune......

March 29, 2023

Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade: What You Need To Know

Key Takeaways Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade is scheduled for April 12th. It will enable withdrawals of staked ETH for the first time since staking went live in December 2020. Post-Shanghai, ~$33B worth of staked ETH could theoretically be withdrawn and sold. But the chances of a Shanghai-induced ETH sell-off are slim. Shanghai should result in more......